Nostalgia Meets Again – BoT

Last night Nostalgia met again, as they have been since last April. Hard to believe so much time has gone by. I had not been going for the past little while, caught up in other things – but decided it was time to rejoin the gang. We had a full group last night, and we’re still hoping maybe a second will start up. It’s not too late, though I completely understand how people don’t want to be starting from scratch or leveling alone. We had a mercenary tank who did exceptionally well – despite breaking mez a few times. A real tank would of course be better, but we’re just so very happy that the adventures are not at a stand still when we can’t fill the group. As Tipa said “It’s hard to explain just how much the mercenaries of the Seeds of Destruction have changed EverQuest. It’s like a whole new game, now.”

Qutey is now sitting at level 62, and part way into it. The experience was not amazing, but none of us expected it to be, BoT is not a hot zone any longer. We got a few drops (and a few drops over and over) as well as some vendor fodder and a few gems that can be cut. 

We all gathered in the voice chat in game, our resident bardling was having some issues with his computer unfortunately so we switched over to vent. It was nice to hear everyone again. We didn’t even have any deaths last night, go-go team awesome! Not to mention I had an absolutely wonderful time. Every time I play, it reminds me why I love the game, why I love the people I’m with. 

I’m thinking of leveling up a bard, just for fun. We’ll see how it goes.

Today I’m headed out for Pho with my brother (it’s the most awesome Vietnamese soup evah) and then after that I’ll be headed into the city (contraire to popular beliefs I don’t actually live IN the city of Ottawa, I sort of live on the outskirts) to watch Feist in concert at the NAC (National Arts Center). I’ve mentioned this a few times now, I know. I can’t help it I’m VERY excited. Concerts give off an aura and feeling as you watch, surrounded by everyone else. It’s just amazing. Plus – I have 3rd row center seats. 


3 Responses to Nostalgia Meets Again – BoT

  1. Kasul says:

    Back in the day farming there was almost required, as Spectral Parchments drop there. Now that most spells can be researched the game has changed alot.

    The concert sounds super fun, hope you enjoy it! :)

  2. Ogrebears says:

    I spent to much time in that zone when i played Everquest 1…. I will probably say 10% of my total eq1 time was spent in there, just farming one of the halls.

  3. Tipa says:

    /jealous about Feist :)

    Yup, it was a really fun time! If we get the same people or better, we’ll definitely try some Umbral Plains killing next week.

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