Kylong Plains, Raids, and Rambles

Yesterday evening I headed out to Kylong Plains to level up the defiler a little bit more. I admit now, I didn’t play nearly as much as I had intended, but how could I with Little Big Planet sitting on the stool next to the couch. The game is not on live servers yet so there’s no on line aspects, but I spent hours and hours (and hours) playing yesterday. I absolutely love this game, everything from creating my sackgirl and designing her outfit (currently she’s sporting some bunny ears and a lions tail with an Elizabethan dress) to the part where I was placing a donkey tail on a donkey in order to make it move during a race and accidentally discovered that I could stick the objects to myself. I spent the remainder of the level bouncing through the air with a giant tail stuck to the side of my sackgirls head as it swung around lazily. I went through the tutorials on how to design levels, and simply drooled. This. Game. Rocks. If you own a ps3 add me so we can play together!

Anyhow, back to EQ2. I headed to Kylong Plains with my defiler and illusionist, looking for trouble. Well, more specifically looking for three named that I could ‘tag’ for my quest. Of course in true form the defiler who was autofollowing the illusionist got stuck behind a huge pile of rocks, ended up losing invisibility and then gained the attention of some skeletons, dropping off of autofollow when the illusionist ran out of range. Woopsie. I guess I need to pay more attention to the box to make sure she’s keeping up. 

I’ve still been dragging my heels about the crafting too. I should have enough to gain a level or two on each character who’s standing at the ‘level 50’ mark, and then I have one standing at level 40. Nostalgia could really use some status gains, so one of these days I need to just suck it up and get it done. Not to mention two of my level 80 crafters still haven’t completed their epics.

Speaking of epics, I was invited to join a ‘semi hardcore’ raid guild (I say semi because they raid 6 days a week but required attendance is slightly lower) with my coercer. I am unsure yet as to what I’ll decide. On one hand it would be great to get into a raid guild now, just before the expansion is released and be able to get geared up as well as complete my mythical. On the other hand I also have a lot of stuff on the go right now and I’m not sure how well I’d end up balancing all of it. The guild also raids starting at 9pm EST which was my main reason for not joining in the past. Their raids don’t exactly run late (typically no later then 12-12:30) but I’m up at 5-6am every day and there’s always the small ‘cool down’ period I enjoy after a raid before jumping right into bed. 

It’s something to think about. 

As a final note, as of this point I’ve managed to raise $160 towards my $200 goal for The Office of Letters and Light, in two days. Again thank you to all who donated, that’s fantastic motivation for me for the month of November. I’m really hoping I can raise the final $40 before November NaNoWriMo starts, but if not I’m proud just knowing what wonderfully supportive people I have around me.

2 Responses to Kylong Plains, Raids, and Rambles

  1. stargrace says:

    I pre-ordered as well, from EBGames, they called me on Saturday night to tell me I could pick up my Pre-order, but that the game would not be online until the 28th. That doesn’t stop me from playing the levels in game though. There was a patch to dload that fixed the music lyric issue, so it’s pretty much just good to go.

  2. Odius says:

    How do you have Little Big Planet? I preordered from AMazon and it hasn’t even shipped yet. In fact, it still says preorder… I guess this is the bane from being far away from a store.

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