Even More Crafting

Yesterday I finally managed to buckle down for a little while and get some crafting done. That was the plan at least. What really happened was I managed to get two levels (50-52) and then I ran out of succulent roots. It’s times like these where I wish Nostalgia had a few more levels so that I could buy the harvesters that I could send out every 2 hours to collect materials for me. Succulent roots on the Najena server go for over 75s each – and what’s worse is that I have TWO characters who use these as a main component to their crafting. The tailor as well as the alchemist. Ouch. 

But two levels was better then no levels at all, and I was happy with the progress. Screen shot is of me feeling like a giant over at Tipa’s crafting area. Everything is halfling sized and I practically crushed the machine as I tried to thread my needle. 

I really need to finish my two crafting epics some time, that would be the sage, as well as the woodworker. The sage I have been procrastinating on because she’s only level 61 which means as of yet she does not have the Bathezid watch faction to even begin the epic. I dislike grinding faction, but I dislike grinding crafting faction even more. It’s a waste of supplies and none of it earns you status with your guild (which would be my preferred alternative). 

I do want to get out and do the halloween events again, specifically the trick or treating game to try to win the bandit mask. Ever since I saw Kasul sporting his I’ve wanted one. 

The expansion is less then a month away now and I’m feeling pretty excited. One of the only ‘down’ sides that I can see is that as of yet I have no idea who I will be playing! I love all of my characters and I haven’t had a ‘main’ for years now. I had hopped to settle down to one character once TSO came out but alas I don’t think I’m the sort that settles down to one main as much as I envy those who do. I guess only time will tell!

Anyone know of any good places out there to harvest succulent root? (that’s T6, sinking sands era) the best place I’ve found so far is to just continuously clear an island that has a bunch of other spawns, but the roots are far and few between. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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