Little Big Planet – LIVE today!

I received my copy of Little Big Planet a few days ago, even though it was not currently online – it is as of today! I’ve been exploring the basic world and I just have to say, it’s amazing. There’s SO many components to this game and it’s got a little bit for every one. I’ve been playing in a duo team, which has its ups and downs but over all is so much fun. The only down side to being in a team is that some times one person is a little faster or ‘better’ then another, and that may end up being frustrating for those who don’t feel that they’re up to speed. 

The co-op is fantastic, and being able to accomplish some goals specifically because you’re in a team is well implemented. I’ve finished off the garden zones, and headed to the Savannah to work on the next areas. There’s so many hidden things everywhere, you’ll be doing zones over and over again and never get bored. 

Ok so I sort of jumped into that post a little bit excited and didn’t actually explain the game, let me back track. Basically, you get a character called a sackboy (or sackgirl) and you get to adventure through zones that are a part of the game — or — adventure through other people’s worlds that they’ve created. You collect items, stickers, building materials, costumes, a huge number of things. You can also create your own zones. The creation process is lengthy and amazing, with an infinite amount of choices that you can use. There’s also a tutorial to learn each bit, everything from creating a background, adjusting music and placing it, placing the camera views, placing items, changing items a billion ways – it’s actually exhausting. 

Of course, as I type this the online servers have been taken down – figures. 

Anyhow. If you own a PS3 and don’t own this game, what are you waiting for? I am so excited about playing in other people’s creations, and creating a few levels of my own!

Let the sticker collecting begin!

5 Responses to Little Big Planet – LIVE today!

  1. Kasul says:

    The pictures you added are adorable. :-X I really want to get a PS3 now.

  2. Said says:

    Yea. i just saw that right as I was waiting for the comment page to load. I am not sure what my roommates name is on PS3 (its his, but he almost never uses it, infact it was covered in cobwebs the other day when i was looking for something near it.), but i hope to see you on in a few hours!

  3. Odius says:

    I was looking forward to this game until my PS3 decided to stop reading discs today. Oh…I was so close to beating Dead Space…

  4. stargrace says:

    Stargrace is my station ID for PS3 (go figure) also listed on the left side of this site under the ‘contact me’ area.

  5. Said says:

    What is your name on PS3? I think I am going to pick up the game today after work.

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