Dabbling in WoW (again)

No, I’m not leaving EQ2. Or EQ1 for that matter. I’ll still be partaking in the Friday night Nostalgia, and still playing EQ2 (though lately that has been less, I simply don’t have anything I feel like doing right now. I’m eager about the expansion and looking forward to that). You can blame my re-kindled interest in WoW on a few select people, whose blogs I read daily. With NaNoWriMo coming (two days away!) I wanted a game that I think of as on a ‘lighter’ scale. Where I can dip in for an hour or two and feel like I finished something. Right now (for me personally) that game is not EQ2. Don’t read into that though! I’m not going anywhere and Sony knows they own my soul. 

So I patched (for three hours?) and then moved WoW over to the laptop. Grabbed the curse client and fanangled my way through add-on city. Finally I was ready. 

A few changes happened while I’ve been away. I haven’t been away *that* long. 

Achievements. I LOVE this. They remind me very much of the knowledge book in WAR. I’ve always loved being able to look at my characters and KNOW what they had done. It gives me something that WoW had always lacked for me (due to easy leveling, and cheap server transfer costs) PRIDE in a character. I don’t have the slightest idea what the points are used for (if anything) but I’ve only finished off a very small percentage of the ones available. 

I’m low level, no where near end game. My highest characters are level 47 (I have a few of those) but I’m looking forward to exploring and getting back into things. We’ll see how long it lasts this time around. 

Oh, another thing I know nothing about. Glyphs. I have a glyph page. I don’t know how you make them, or what they’re used for (something about enchantments?) so if anyone has some resource out there I could read, send it my way! I read everyone else’ sites about WoW and what fun they’re having but a lot of the technical bits are still in some foreign language to me. I’m not too worried (yet), but I know I have a lot of catching up to do!

No, I won’t ever be the big end game player like others I read about. I’m sure I’m too far behind, but I will have a lot of fun learning and relearning everything I need to know.

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  1. stargrace says:

    Raiding in *any* game can feel that way though. I used to raid all the time in EQ2 (and have quite a few blog posts about it) but it started to feel like work, especially once raid guilds required more and more time that I just didn’t have. It was stressful and after raiding steadily for quite some time I decided I had enough.

  2. Odius says:

    I always liked EQ2 but moved on to WoW with my buddies. The new expansion looks really cool, and I have been considering given it a whirl. WoW…bleh. I think the endgame stuff is what ruined WoW for me. So much stress (to me anyways) to organize and go through raids. Gaming is supposed to be fun. WoW was like work.

  3. stargrace says:

    Well, I don’t know if I’m really juggling all that much in the mmo area. I play EQ1 once a week (or more depending on mood I suppose) with the static Nostalgia group, lots of fun but we’re not end game and there’s no raiding, no stress. Very laid back and relaxed, and so much fun.

    I’m already end game with multiple characters and crafters in EQ2, and there’s still a month (little less) before their next expansion. I consider this ‘home’ and where I devote most of my time – but there’s really nothing going on right now. I haven’t played yet this week (sad panda) aside from a little crafting.

    WoW, well. We’ll see where that one goes. I’ve played off and on for 4 years and never gotten past level 47. I’ve never been at the level cap, never raided. I’ve done dungeons, and been in one guild 3 years ago, but nothing since then. It’s an easy casual game (for me personally) and with NaNoWriMo for the month of November, I think it’ll fit in nicely.

  4. Odius says:

    Juggling three MMOs….skill. I can only ever manage two. Always seems like I end up leaving one behind, and on top of that, I play FPS games.

  5. Hudson says:

    Oh and glyphs add improvements to spells. For example, I can make my blink go further, or add more damage to my fireballs.

  6. Hudson says:

    Glyphs are easy. Go to the auction house, search under tradeskill items glyphs. Then you can socket 3 minor, 2 major (?) I think. Just open the glyph window and slap them in, but you must be standing near a Lexicon of Power for some of them, ask a guard in any city where the Lexicon is.

    Here is a good guide:




  7. Said says:

    So, you going to level a toon with me? =)

    Hope to see you in game!

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