Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Yesterday was another LBP day. That is to say (I rhyme so well at 7am!) that I spent most of my time either trying to connect to LBP online (didn’t work until 6pm or so) trying not to lag into spikes with Tipa and Said, or adventuring on my own gathering more costumes and more building materials. When the servers finally did come online, I tracked down Tipa and Said and spotted them in the Meerkat zone. 

The lag was horrible. I felt like I was watching everything in slow motion any time I joined someone else who was hosting. If you’re the host, things are just great. It really made playing very difficult. 

Another thing that was difficult was that I don’t have a keyboard plugged into my ps3. Something I am going to fix this weekend. It meant that any communication would have taken me literally hours. I don’t want to wear a headset while I’m playing, and I don’t want to have to voice. So a usb keyboard is the way to go. It was VERY hard to communicate with everyone. Said and I ended up logging into vent and then Said would type things out to Tipa because they both were using keyboards. 

I thought playing co-op in a duo where the person was literally in the same room with you was hard, that is NOTHING compared to playing online. Especially when there’s lag involved. I think we all died more times from getting pushed off of the side of the screen by anything else. 

You know what though. Despite all of that, and what a very rocky start the online portion has been – I’m loving it. Every bit of it. I’m sure over time the online portions will get better – and it’s not essential to the game. You can play other people’s levels by yourself while you’re connected and have 0 lag. You can create your own areas just fine, publish them for others. Add your friends zones to your favorites, etc. There’s still so much creativity and just plain fun that even with the frustrations I think this is a fantastic game. I started working on the three wedding zones, and got a load of new outfits. They are very difficult for me to complete though, especially without dying. It will take some time (and a whole lot of luck) and me re-doing the zones a few times before I feel like I can run through and gain the ‘aces’ reward for completing it (and passing all the check points) without dying. 

It’s easy to lose track of time when playing. Especially when you never know when the next costume or building material may be coming your way. Tipa sent me a message with an attachment for LBP and I don’t have the faintest idea how to see it or how to get it or what it is. Suppose that makes a good goal for later today. 

I have two days before NaNoWriMo starts, Christmas upcoming (and I’m making a lot of my gifts, so they take time), as well as all the other real life obligations that everyone has to deal with. With all of that going on plus EQ2 + EQ1 – call me crazy, but I re-subscribed to WoW. More about that in a post later today (have I mentioned yet how much I love delayed publishing in wordpress? Well I do!).

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