TSO – Crafting Teaser

If you’re a crafter in EQ2 (and lets face it, I most certainly am) you’re going to be VERY excited with the newest expansion, The Shadow Odyssey, scheduled to come out in November. Be sure to check out the Village of Shin if you’re an experienced crafter for a few new quests, including one where the reward is the cloak pictured above (and below).


One of the interesting points of this new expansion is that it sends adventurers out into older zones – not exactly re-using them, but at least getting them out into Norrath a little more. The Village of Shin came out in The Fallen Dynasty adventure pack, and crafters as well as adventurers have been sent there off and on to complete new quests. A lot of the new content will work the same way, you head through an older zone (such as Lavastorm) to reach the new content (like the new scaling dungeons). 

There is of course brand new overland content too, with the Moors of Ykesha which I’ll go into more detail about tomorrow.

2 Responses to TSO – Crafting Teaser

  1. Kasul says:

    That cloak looks very cool. I’m excited to see what else the expansion has in store for us!

    It will be fun to have a new illusion too. Gives a whole new meaning to stoneskin… :-X

  2. Ogrebears says:

    OO that really nice. The charter i had copied over wasn’t a tradeskiller so i didn’t even go to Village of Shin to see how it was.

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