Now Where Did I leave Off

It took me a long time to get my addons straightened out. They’re not even really fixed yet. What I should have done was deleted the entire addon folder and then reinstall the ones I wanted using the curse client. Sounds easy enough, right? Well since I had already spent a few hours moving hotbars around I didn’t do that. I just went through and updated or un-installed the ones I had with curse client and it made a mess of things. So I spent a few more hours last night fixing everything up on the pc. 

All of my characters are currently on two servers. I used to have more but I think I must have deleted and moved them all. I have 4 on Uther, and a few on Ravenholdt. Uther is a ‘normal’ server, where Ravenholdt is an rp-pvp server. They’re both fairly nice, Uther is quite populated from what I’ve seen. I do have one friend who plays with me on Uther, so I’m not completely alone. He spent the evening last night patching, there may be a chance that I switch servers to play with someone else too. We’ll just have to see how that adventure goes. 

Once the addon situation was finally fixed, it was time to play. Or at least, attempt to play. It’s been so long since I’ve been in game I had no idea where I left off, or what I should do. Looking at my gold (180g, ouch) I figured I could stand to do a little farming, and I have a hunter I use specifically for that. Arysh is level 49, with a giant serpent who follows her around named Flirt. I stopped by a few inns and grabbed a handful of candy from each one that gave some fairly nice experience (and something to nibble on later), peeked at my quest journal and gave one of those puzzled frowns because I didn’t have the slightest idea where to go at level 49. After a few minutes of searching, I decided to just pick a random quest and work on that. 

I had one quest that sent me to Un’Goro Crater – which I had heard of since level 47 but had no idea where it was or how to get there. Looked it up and off I went. Along the way I saw these huge space-ship looking islands that made a lot of noise and seemed to suck things up into it, or maybe they were shooting, I couldn’t really tell because they were swarmed by things far bigger then me. I’m sure it has to do with the expansion due out, but I’m still just getting my feet back into things, so I could be completely wrong. 

It was nice to wander into the jungle again after mucking my way through the desert. Until that giant dinosaur decided he’d like to step on my head, of course. Screen shot of me Feigning Death on the ground before he finished me off. I managed to pick up some crystals along the way that I thought may have been for the new inscription tradeskill (Hey, give me a break I’m new!) but later found out they are used in a quest given at the flightpoint way way North in the zone (of course I came in from the South). I did get about 50% of my level, so that was really nice. Who knows, I may actually hit level 50.

A quick side note because these articles are getting scraped a LOT lately – if you are not reading this at – then why don’t you head there, I don’t have ads on the site, no spamming for gold selling, and it’s much nicer then reading it from those annoying bots who keep taking my stuff. Plus, maybe I’ll actually get credit for writing it. Thanks!

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  1. Odius says:

    Un’Goro…ugg. I remember the first time I ran into that T-Rex… It was sort of like an awe filled death. I just stood there and said to myself ‘A T-Rex is about to eat me in World of Warcraft. This is so cool.’

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