Umbral Plains meets Nostalgia

Like the Maiden’s Eye, the Umbral Plains make for one the most treacherous outdoor areas on Luclin. These wide open plains are home to dark assassin shades, many wandering undead Elysian remains, gorangas, netherbians, and giant zelniaks. In the South is the entrance to Vex Thal, which is surrounded by a hoarde of elemental guardians along with Rumblecrush. –

Last night Nostalgia headed to Umbral Plains. A zone most remembered as dangerous – and rightly so. The group consisted of two enchanters, a bard, Tipa (ranger extraordinaire), Kanad (well renown shaman), and myself on Qutey (the cutest druid ever). We also had the pleasure of two mercenaries, a tank and a healer (though the healer took a back seat for most of the evening until a few of us died). 

For some reason my computer decided to chose last night of all nights to give me issue. It could have been because I was running curse client (forgot to turn it off) along with xfire, and vent, so I restarted once my video card (or some other part) screamed in protest and crashed me. Then later on in the night it did the same thing. I was already feeling tired so I went and laid down for a little bit before returning. Too much stress lately, but that’s another story. 

We took down a few named in the zone, named I had not seen in a long time. Tawro Icequake lead to The Spirit of Tawro who dropped two very nice weapons (that rotted since the bard was AFK and no one else could use anything), we also took down Bile Spew and a few others. Since I had crashed out I heard there were a few others, and all in all it was a fun night of just hunting named. Next week we’ll get back to leveling.

Have I mentioned that the mercenaries are amazing? Maybe once or twice? 

Well once I logged in game, called my corpse to the guild lobby (noticed that they changed deaths, you no longer lose your items any more when you die? Wow, that is WEIRD) Tipa brought out her healer – and by healer I don’t mean Brita, I mean her mercenary, and it rez’d me for 96% and then buffed me with 2h virtue and other random goodies. 


Kanad and I stuck around for a little bit once Nostalgia was finished for the night, and I purchased a journeyman healer. They don’t really strike me as being any different then the regular ones. Perhaps faster power regen was the only thing I really noticed. We headed to Plane of Storms and meandered our way through the forest, breaking up a giant camp there for a little bit. He managed to get level 64, and I hit 63 on the druid. The journeyman healer is expensive, at level 62 it cost me 1,300p to purchase, and 26p every 15m of play. Tomorrow I’ll probably turn her in for something a little cheaper. I have no idea if the tanks have a noticeable difference. 

We also learned that you can not make a raid with a mercenary in your group. I figured this was the way they worked when I read the patch notes, but it’s always nice to know for sure. 

NaNoWriMo started today, but (crazy me) I plan on doing my daily mmo updates still on this site as well as participating. If I can’t handle it though I’ll be holding off on the blog posts. We’ll see how it goes. I’m more then likely also going to be switching my host over to wordpress, and dropping the company I’ve been with for 3 years (lots of little annoyances) and just keeping the domain name. We’ll see how that goes. So much to do this weekend!

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