TSO Journal – Part II (The Moors of Ykesha)

(( If you’re looking for complete walk-throughs to each zone, you won’t find it here. You won’t find step by step information, or anything particularly useful. There’s a fairly good reason for that though – the expansion is still a few weeks away. Why on earth would you want to spoil it all so soon, know all of the ins and outs, and take away the sense of adventure that’s going to come from discovering and exploring things on your own. If you go in with a set plan of “I need to do this and this and this RIGHT away and get all of THIS” you’re going to be bored, and burn out. Remember how much FUN these are supposed to be? Remember how it felt to NOT know what was going to happen next? Or what gear was going to come or how things were going to be played out? I loved that feeling. ))

4 Responses to TSO Journal – Part II (The Moors of Ykesha)

  1. Malfi says:

    I agree!!! No spoilers for me with TSO. I’m approaching it with a clean slate and I’m not digging into anything for help with quests either. I wantto explore all of it with fresh eyes this time!

  2. Kasul says:

    I still wanted it to be a big temple of life under the sinking sands, and then they’d give us all little flying saucers to fly around in. Maybe with the next patch… :)

    Getting shot from a cannon into a troll infested swamp sounds like my idea of a good time! Maybe they’ll let me bring my cape and my mining helmet and wear them on the way down.

    At the bottom there’d be a booth where you could get your magically captured portrait mid-flight and buy a vest with “I got D.I.R.T.Y. in the Moors of Ykesha!” written on the front. It’d be a great souvenir to take home to Gorowyn!

  3. Ogrebears says:

    Ogrebear is guilty……

    I love what your doing though.

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