Chosen of Innoruuk

Please do me a favour and go see this one in full view over here. Click on the image to enlarge from my DeviantART site. This is a picture of Silhouette, my coercer. The background is a screenshot of Everfrost, no post work done to it. That new video card comes in handy some times. I spent a little bit of time playing in Fallen Gate today with Said, power leveling him with my monk (who happened to hit level 50). I didn’t get a chance to play after that, and I wanted to spend the evening before bed relaxing, so the image above is what I came up with. I hit my NaNoWriMo goal today of 7,980 words. The story was starting to feel a little bit forced though, so I stopped there for now. I was going to plan out some ideas for it during the course of the day but that didn’t work out, go figure. 

I’m really happy with this image, and have a few more in mind. Can’t help that they all seem to follow a fantasy setting as that’s what I’m partial to, but I hope everyone enjoys it.

2 Responses to Chosen of Innoruuk

  1. Odius says:

    Very nice. I saw that bg and knew immediately what it was. Gives me chills remembering my times playing my Froglok Troubadour.

  2. Openedge1 says:

    I love the model. Now, I am not hot on the EQ2 landscapes (like Sinking Sands, but not Everfrost)..

    But, this looks like a postcard…very cute.


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