Better Homes and Hovels (One Room – Baubleshire)

Looking into the home from the doorway

You may remember not too long ago I re-designed Silhouette’s new one room home in Gorowyn. I had come to the conclusion that despite how much I absolutely LOVE housing there was no need for me to have a million 5-room homes to decorate. So I started downgrading, and working on a mission to have two 5-room homes (Arysh and Stargrace already own those) and then spread out some smaller homes. Speaking of smaller – without being able to scale furniture this house would not have been built at all. Thanks to some fancy inspiration on the Norrathian Homeshow, I decided to turn a one room Baubleshire home into a 5 room halfling sized home. I REALLY love it so far. I’ve just barely placed 100 items, which means I have room for 100 more. The rent is only 3s75c a week, and I’ve paid for the next 84 days. I can have three sales crates, which is more then enough for this alt. 

I apologize now for the huge abundance of pictures, and they don’t do it justice at all. So if you want to see the home in person please feel free. It’s in Baubleshire on the Najena server, under the name of Petites (which was a play on the word ‘small’ in french. It suits the halfling templar). 

The sales area, to the right hand side of the door. There’s three sales crates there as well as various knick nacks and other goodies. I want to add a few more things around the house still, work in progress remember!

Looking towards the bedroom and sales area 

An area to worship Tunare (good little Templar that she is) as well as a bedroom (still under construction).

Library area. Lots of room for more books still, a cozy fireplace to read by. 

Looking from the library into the kitchen / living room area. 

A little seating area. Still need to get some mugs and dishes for both this room and the kitchen. Petites is an alt I rarely play, so she doesn’t have a whole lot of stuff.

Looking from the sales area to the main door, library. A little couch and lots of things placed to make it feel more like home. 

So that’s two homes done out of the one room inns. With the vault expander and the item that lets you add 100 extra items to your home, 200 is plenty if you’re not looking for something huge. There’s no reason why smaller homes can’t look just as fantastic as the larger ones. I have to admit, I love working on the smaller scale (this is actually carried over into my art work too, go figure). I had a huge amount of fun designing this house and I’m looking forward to adding to it.

So what will I work on next? It should either be Goudia (ratonga dirge) or Misako (gnome necromancer). I’m thinking the necromancer, since there’s just so much fun I can have with a gnome to begin with, let alone one obsessed with death who talks to her creations. It will probably be a one room Freeport house, since I’ve done the Qeynos Inns and Gorowyn Inns now. We’ll just have to see!

3 Responses to Better Homes and Hovels (One Room – Baubleshire)

  1. Taymar says:

    This looks lovely – very hobbity. I’m inspired to work on my inn rooms.

  2. ogrebear says:

    Lovely house!!! I can never make anything look good like that.

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