Woodworker Earns Her Epic (Finally)


 Finally. After leaving my woodworker at level 80 for a few months now I decided it was time to finish my epic on her. There’s a pretty good reason I neglected it. Well, ok not a pretty good reason, but there’s a reason (which is better then none at all). I’ve already completed epics for three other level 80 crafters. The quest is the same up until the final portion and then it splits into subclasses so needless to say after the first three times I completed it I was just not inspired to do it for a forth. 

Let alone a fifth (my sage has been level 80 for some time as well and I do plan on finishing the epic with her one of these days). Thank you to Albrta and Eyenstein for crafting the majority of the bits I needed, as well as two strangers who responded in channels (carpenter and weaponsmith). It was nice to get some help. The entire quest took about two hours, the longest portions being just running around. Thankfully my woodworker is a druid, and I could just port around to locations close to where I needed to be. I proudly put on my cloak and gave myself the earring buff. 

Besides EQ2 and W101 I had a little time to play Little Big Planet last night. Finished clearing out the canyons though I haven’t gotten the ace (completing a zone without dying) reward for all of them yet. Started working on The Metropolis, and got a few more outfits. The frying pan hand item is one of my favorite. 

Then today I happened to be in EBGames and asked about the Little Big Planet guide. It’s 314 pages of pure awesome. Not only are there walkthroughs for every zone (which you can of course skip. I’ve been reading the ones for the zones I’ve completed just because there is so much information) there is also a VERY detailed ‘creation’ section tha goes over each of the tutorial bits in huge amounts of detail. THAT’S what I was looking for. It’s hard to read the font for the game on my television screen (what can I say, I’m a pc gamer and my tv collects dust) and I couldn’t read what they wanted me to do or what buttons to press. Plus I’m a visual learner, give me something to look at and I’ll memorize it over time easily enough. This guide is fantastic. I don’t typically buy guides for games (ok, lets make that ‘don’t typically’ to ‘don’t ever’) but I would highly suggest picking this one up. The best $21 I spent today. 

So, all in all it’s been a fantastic gaming weekend. How could it not, with great friends and fantastic games. I think by now my friends know they can get me to play pretty much any game if they talk about it long enough and use the F-word (FUN). It’s one of those ‘best selling’ features. It’ll be interesting when a sci-fi game comes out, since I’ve always been completely anti-‘space’ for as long as I can remember. I’ve never seen Star Wars (I know, I need to be buried alive) or Star Trek or Star anything (how amusing that my online persona is Stargrace). Typical female gamer? Maybe. It’s not ALL about the housing and outfits for me though. I really do take pride in knowing my class and characters and doing my job – and doing it well. It’s just all of the extra ‘stuff’ that gets me to keep playing.

2 Responses to Woodworker Earns Her Epic (Finally)

  1. Odius says:

    I finally got LBP!! It’s freaking awesome. Very addicting.

  2. Gaff says:

    Grats on the epic! I still haven’t completed this on one of my crafters :) One day perhaps! If I start playing Wiz 101 that will be yet another setback.

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