Continuing Through Wizard City

I decided to subscribe to Wizard 101 for a month, and see if I wanted to continue to play it after the month was up. So far I’ve been playing pretty frequently, I really wish Xfire recognized it. As it is now, I set my status on Xfire by hand and load it up on the laptop so I can still talk to people while I’m in full screen. I reached level 8 in W101 by doing the wizard city quests (the ones I had available at least) and a handful of the Halloween events. I’ve got a slightly better grasp on things now, watching where other people are attacking so that I can either help them or move on to the next encounter if their hit is going to kill it. My little Angela is a life / storm wizard, so while I don’t have an amazing amount of damage dealing cards, I do have a few. I’ve had a few good and not so good experiences wandering around wizard city and finding others to play with. One not so good was a Halloween tower, one of the more simple ones. I think it was Malfi I was with. Two of the other people decided to just sit in on the card playing rounds and do no moves at all. We would have beaten it if it were not for that. 

I bought myself a dragon companion, and have been playing in Fire Cat Ally for most of the morning. The game is simple enough that I can do other things while playing (or sit and watch the cool spell effects and listen to the little imps I have cackle gleefully as I vanquish another foe) and the only thing I find more addicting then W101 itself, is the mini games you use to replenish your health and mana. 

I haven’t really been in the mood to play EQ2 lately, I just don’t have the time to sit for 2-3 hours in a row working on something in particular. I have been playing WoW for short bursts (an hour here and there) in between trying to keep NaNo going. I’m up to 18,565 words now and the story seems to be slugging through this section, or maybe it’s just my moods. I’m just barely on track with being able to finish on the 26th if I keep up with my 2k words every day. Since the 30th is our last day I’ve been trying to give myself a little more leeway, but it hasn’t quite been working out. 

For the first time ever, I am not excited about EQ2’s next expansion. I can’t exactly say why. I’m just not feeling it. I played in the beta and I didn’t feel it then either. Instead of saying ‘wow this is amazing’ I spent my time saying ‘Wow this is it? Why is it so empty?’ The one overland zone was a lot of empty space and then groups of mobs spread throughout and very little ‘stuff’ to me personally. Of course every one will come up with their own personal views on it. I have pre-ordered the retail version (I wanted the bear) and I’m sure the crafting bits will entice me, but we’ll have to see about the rest.

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  1. Lader says:

    same about the expac. Im going to buy it but im not excited about it. Ive even stayed away from beta after my first week or two since its just too disheartening to do anything there. The majority of people ive talked to feel the same way, this just doesnt feel like an expansion pack, just a glorified adventure pack.

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