Simply Amazing

It’s late and I’m completely exhausted, but I wanted to make a quick post before I finally went to bed only to get up in 5 hours and tackle the day. I spent most of this holiday playing Wizard 101. Ok, I spent all of this holiday playing. I met up in game with Kasul and Tipa and they helped me defeat a boss I needed for a Halloween quest. Tipa very literally (along with her alt) saved the day. Later on, Hudson joined in the fun and he and I and Kasul headed off to do a Halloween tower. Unfortunately Hudson died (I am so sorry!) and didn’t get to do the final encounter with us, but it was still a LOT of fun and everyone had a good time all around. We all walked away with some pretties, some levels, and it was just one of those perfect gaming experiences for me. Being able to play games with members from the community of writers we have is something that I treasure so much. 

I played way too much. I was level 7 this morning and managed to creep into level 11 (not that I can say that in Wizard 101, numbers are bad words). Levels really don’t mean a whole lot that I’ve come to realize, it’s not about the grind to level, at all. The stories and quests are fun (even though I dislike running to and from each person) and the battles are just plain fun to watch. I love not having to button smash. I’ll have a better write up about the quest chains I’ve been going through tomorrow, but the adventures today were just as fun (if not more) as grouping up in any one of your regular mainstream MMO’s. This is a game that doesn’t even have groups, it’s all open concept. How cool is that. 

Hope everyone else had fun too.

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  1. Ysharros says:

    I am utterly gobsmacked at how addictive W101 has turned out to be for me. I suspect it’s because I can indulge my inner 8-year old (as well as the inner trading card gamer). The pets! I need to find more pets!

    It’s remarkably fun for adults, never mind kids. I just wish this stuff had been around when I was 8, instead of… PacMan (which I did love).

  2. Hudson says:

    I am starting to learn as I go on in game to carry buff cards in my deck and keep my mana up. I don’t mind increasing my mana because it forces me to play mini games or run around capturing those cool globes.

    The open party system for that tower was great. I got some good gear by the way, including a level 15 robe and some nice sandles for level 10. With WoW down all day, I actually didn’t miss it too much since I had this game. I started the Halloween quests as well. Very addictive stuff. I will have to subscribe. I am a slow player, I like to do only 4-5 quests per day and I dont power level through the content too much. I am still running around learning stuff. Good times. I guess I died cause I jumped into combat first.

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