This Just in – Grimwell Throws Like a GIRL

What happens when you add a bunch of alcohol, pie, dancing halflings, 52 players, and one very fine looking community manager to three rooms together? Pillow fights of course!

Last night at 5pm PST one of the (many) birthday bashes took place on Najena. Each server will be having their own party so be sure to check here to see when your server is having theirs. I thing events like these are really important to communities, and it’s not just because we all got some cool prizes to take home. The rooms were decorated wonderfully and there were people (quite literally) everywhere. 

We were even granted a special treat when the famous bard herself, Tipa, stepped up to the piano along with some background singers and sang her rendition of screaming cats happy birthday to Norrath. What a delightful experience!

There were items people could click throughout the room ranging from drinks, to throw pillows, to throw pies. A wishing well sat in the center of the main pool where people could harvest goodies. A word of caution though, you do need to have a fishing skill in order to harvest from this pool. 

Grimwell played out his part well, especially for someone who has to do parties all week on multiple servers. He interacted with the players and switched forms every few minutes, keeping things interesting. Gee, I wonder which illusion the players liked the most? 

Everyone gathered together at the end for a photo opportunity. I spent most of the evening wandering around taking screenshots (just over 50 of them) to remember the occasion by. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I’m glad Nostalgia had fun too. 

I wanted to hang out a little more, but once Grimwell left I was reminded that I still had 1,000 words to write for NaNoWriMo (22,635 words total now) and then by the time that was done I had time to watch a little tv and then it was bed. 

Less then a week to go until the new EQ2 expansion releases, happy birthday!

3 Responses to This Just in – Grimwell Throws Like a GIRL

  1. Ogrebears says:

    Grimwell hot…. my ogre will be looking for him haha

  2. stargrace says:

    I actually ran pretty well, even with all the fireworks shooting off that Grimwell called for. There were a few casualties though (as Tipa dropped link). I had my settings as high as they could go and managed to stay afloat. Some how *grins*

    I don’t typically play with names on, turned them on for this party specifically to show the mass of people who showed up.

  3. Openedge1 says:

    The last picture caption should read…

    “The most fun at 1 FPS I ever had…”



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