New Swashbuckler On the Scene (and Bruiser)

It worked out pretty well, though I’m not quite done working on the faction I need for the monk. They both met up in Haven where one tried to convince the other that where they were headed was a path of wrongness and other variables, but ultimately betrayal won out for both of them. 

Aside from that, I also got to welcome Ardwulf to Nostalgia! Surprised me, I was almost (almost!) tempted to re-activate my Vanguard account after reading his post but decided to go with the EQ2 boxing rout instead. After some careful consideration I decided I actually miss settling down in one game. I enjoy playing a large amount but it never really let me ‘finish’ anything. With a new EQ2 expansion coming out on Tuesday, I want to say ‘yes, I play EQ2 as my main game of choice’ rather then ‘well I play EQ2 and EQ1 and WoW and Wizard 101 and and and and’ listing game after game. Once the novelty of the new expansion wears off no doubt I’ll go back to game hoping. 

3 Responses to New Swashbuckler On the Scene (and Bruiser)

  1. Lader says:

    star you should read the big yellow game motd or the dev tracker! you can see the items but you have to claim them on tuesday!

  2. stargrace says:

    Monks > For raids / groups
    Bruisers > for soloing abilities (single pull anything you want?! Yes please!)

    Since my little alt won’t be for raiding quite yet, it was time to switch it up – there’s always a possibility I’ll switch back when I reach end game, I typically do. ;)

  3. Lars says:

    Whoa, monks are so > bruisers… What have you done?!

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