Taking Down Fallen Gate

Today was a day for alts. I decided I would try to level up my 24 paladin a little bit. Now, I’ve mentioned this quite a few times in the past. Anyone who knows me realizes I have never really played a tank class before. Boxed someone else’ tank? Sure. I’ve never actually had one of my own though. With Tipa and Kasul and a few other fairly frequent Nostalgia members, none of them tanks, I decided it was time I played one. Lithe is my Kerran, and so far she’s a lot of fun to play. Oracia (coercer), Yashiro (ranger), and myself playing Lithe (paladin) and Arysh (warden mentored) headed to fallen gate to lay waste to the undead that wander the zone. We all got a few levels before I called it quits so I could watch the Santa Claus parade on tv and work on NaNoWriMo (which hit 30,066 words today. Home stretch here I come!) as well as take care of some dinner. 

The paladin is not that different for me since I’ve played tanks before and just never owned one. It’s a lot of fun, and I do have to pay attention to gear more so that I’m able to withstand the hits. It’s great to be able to box and have a healer or extra dps along. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy Synergy? I think maybe once or twice. 

I also have a baby warlock I’m going to level up a little bit. I’ve never played a warlock or a wizard before. I’d like to get the warlock to level 25 so that she can use the wizard ports. I realize we have the druid rings within the guild hall (and oh do I love them) but wizard ports don’t require any access to use. There are individual ports and group ports. The downside is that they only port to a few locations. Ah well. It’s better then none!

I hope everyone else had an amazing weekend, the EQ2 expansion comes out on Tuesday and while I’m not especially excited about the adventure side of the expansion, I am excited about the changes in GU50, and the crafter changes. We’ll see how it goes.

4 Responses to Taking Down Fallen Gate

  1. Odius says:

    I agree. It’ll be like a new game to me since I havn’t played since the first expansion was released. So much to catch up on. I still have a couple months yet though.

  2. stargrace says:

    Hey, that’s not a bad thing Odius!! :)

  3. Odius says:

    It looks like I’ll be playing EQ2 after all. My buddies quit WAR before I even got home and returned to EQ2. I guess it was inevitable.

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