Free 5 bedroom home? Sweet!

I logged in yesterday thinking that it would be close to the time where I should be getting new Legends of Norrath cards on both of my accounts, and what do you know, there they were. My main account has had horrible luck with LoN, I rarely get any loot items and this time was no exception. Nor was the time before this one. The 2nd account I have has far better luck. It must be because of the halflings on the account or something. In any case, when I opened up the 5 booster packs everyone gets, I received the free 5-room housing (good for any Qeynos or Freeport home). That’s right, this house is rent free. There are no ‘free’ 5-room homes in Qeynos or Freeport, they all require status and rent. I’m glad I’ve got one, since I don’t currently own a 5-room Freeport home, that’s what it will be going towards. 

Shadowgeist and myself also helped out our good friends in Crimson Blades purchase their first guild hall, congratulations on that! I’m sure I will be stopping by to make use of their harvest hirelings, those things are amazing. Nostalgia will hopefully be able to purchase a few once we get more levels. 

The expansion comes out tomorrow, so of course in preparation for it today I made a new character. Oh, wait. The new expansion actually doesn’t have anything that caters to new players. I decided to make a berserk er though just to see how they played. 

I did get a chance to do the LoN scenario that rewards you with glowing red eyes as well before it’s taken away from the line up, pretty interesting item. There’s a lot of LoN scenario rewards that come in handy, experience potions and the like. While I’m not keen on spending a lot of money to buy cards, I do enjoy playing the game. 

Hopefully the expansion goes off tomorrow without too much trouble. I’m looking forward to riding my dire bear mount around Norrath! See you there.

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  1. stargrace says:

    You can purchase it in either Freeport, or Qeynos. Go to the mage towers there. In freeport the house you want to purchase is on the bottom floor of the mage tower in North Freeport, a door there says you can buy them when you have the LoN item in hand. The Qeynos one is in South Qeynos, mage tower again. There’s a door in one of the rooms that’s surrounded by books (the smallest of the three portal rooms). You purchase it just like a regular house, and it looks like your basic 5-room but it’s in a unique location.

  2. Dan says:

    Dude, where is your house? I got the card, I redeemed it, and now how do I get the actual house? I examined it and accepted the Freeport reward, but do I have to pick it out (which doesn’t see likely), do I have to buy it in the first place, or do I have to find it somewhere in FP?

  3. stargrace says:

    Thanks for the heads up Malfi! So far it looks like an alt who has 0 sales (because it’s on the 2nd more unused account) will be using that home certificate, so hopefully not having any vendor slots won’t be an issue for me. I more or less just want a 5 room freeport home (I don’t own one) and I want to turn it into some sort of museum looking house with perhaps a very small bedroom and kitchen area. I need a place for all my LoN paintings that are (literally) spread out everywhere and maybe some display cases etc. I haven’t thought the idea out completely yet.

    I hope the vault space thing either gets changed, or .. well, changed. Other wise, what’s the point. Free or not, people don’t typically have homes to just look at.. (though I may be the exception to that rule)

  4. Malfi says:

    One thing I noticed on the five room I won and claimed a few weeks back – it has ZERO vault space. All six of my vault slots from my prior home are highlighted in red and I can’t put anything more in them. I also had to remove one of my six vendor slots from the market board. I’ve bugged it, but I don’t know if it is designed this way, or if it is a true bug. So far, no change to it. Of course I haven’t done any research on it yet. Maybe you’ll have a better experience.

    And I agree with Tipa about the domain change! I want my daily dose of Stargrace while I’m at work! How else can I keep up on what’s happening in EQ2??!?!?!

  5. stargrace says:

    They are only flagged as no trade if they are part of the 5 free boosters you receive from their promotion. :) The regular cards can be traded just fine.

    Hms, you must have had Albrta and/or Eyenstein’s help in the PoP quest *grins* Since he’s a brand new 80 WS he’s only done combines for one person.

  6. Lars says:

    LoN cards can be NO-TRADE now? When did that happen? I guess I haven’t been playing enough.

    That’s a pretty neat reward. Though I can’t recall the last time I went back to my personal home, excepting this weekend, to quickly drop off the tradeskill Master title scroll I got in the mail (Shadowgeist was the WS who did my Proof of the Pudding combine). Aside from that, I probably haven’t set foot in there since Guild Halls came out. I’m also still in the starter one bedroom home. :)

    But that’s still a pretty neat reward for those who make use of their homes.

  7. Tipa says:

    stargame dot com?
    girl as gamer dot com?
    time considered as a helix of semiprecious stones — dot com?

    still working on it…

    A LOT of good ones have been squatted by domain name resellers. Art of Play dot com, for instance.

    Or just go for something not really obviously MMO oriented, like
    Frozen in Ontario dot com
    Stargrace Art dot com

    StargraceWorld dot com

    My strat, using a zone name for my blog, I think has been a failure, except for making my blog appear first in searches, which will someday piss off EQ players looking for actual real information about the zone and wondering what my blog has to do with it (nothing).

    Still Loading dot com is free, and just think. Loading, Please Wait…? Sure. Could also become a gun, trucking or a laundry site any time you liked.

    Hey! Yet Another Alt dot com is totally unused!

    okay I think I have incurred the wrath of my company’s site blocker enough for one day…

  8. Cordanim says:

    Wow, I haven’t seen that loot card before! Is that rent-free forever then?? That’s AWESOME! :)

    Patch is scheduled for 12 hours tomorrow – 3AM EST – 3PM EST – hope it goes well :)

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