The Day Before

How did you spend your last day before the TSO expansion releases? Mine was not exactly all that eventful, but I still had a lot of fun. I spent most of the day hanging out in Albrta and Eyenstein’s alt guild hall, taking advantage of their harvest hirelings. I mentioned yesterday that Shadowgeist and I helped them purchase their hall, I also have a few of my alts in their guild. I had a lot of fun watching their characters running around beginning the decorating process. Like any hall, it will take time of course. I sent the hirelings out after T6 supplies since I have two crafters currently stuck on that tier. With the game down for 12 hours today, I doubt I’ll get any harvesting done. The joys of having two accounts though, I can leave one in the hall to unload the hirelings and send them back out every two hours while the other character does the ‘fun’ stuff (if I get my copy of the game today that is, there’s no guarantee on that yet). 

After sending the harvesters out for the fifth time, I decided to head out and do a little adventuring with my illusionist (78) and Defiler (73) duo. I was just finishing up the Kylong Plains quests on the defiler, and figured I may as well get them completely finished. With the new expansion coming out today I’m sure the zones will be empty when I go back the next time. 

I had only one chain of quests left that sent me to tag some mobs, and of course along the way someone in 70-79 asks what level and how much Bathezid watch faction is needed in order to do the crafting epic. The channel was spammed by people giving the wrong answer, and I had to jump right in. It’s -20,000 for those who were curious, and level 80 crafter. While I was doing this, my defiler was being eaten by a giant and since I was boxing and not exactly paying attention, she was smushed. 

I had forgotten to give out rez items (lets face it I didn’t exactly expect to die) but my illusionist happens to be a mighty fine tinkerer who carries a supply of the home made brand on her. They don’t always work, but when they do it’s great. Tonight was one of those nights. I rez’d the healer, buffed up and headed back out. 

The experience in RoK questing is just as shoddy as I remember it being the last four times I did it. The defiler went from 13% to 38% after a handful of quests, and the mentored illusionist barely got 1% total because killing mobs and not doing quests (she’s already done them) rewards pretty much nothing. I’d get a lot better experience mentoring my 51 monk and killing heroic mobs for an hour. In fact that’s how I’ll probably do it next time. 

Ardwulf stopped in with his bruiser for a little while, and achieved his first aa’s, which was great. Kasul was also around and knee deep in a CoA run. Apparently they had good luck, but I didn’t see him loot any Cardiocutter, so it couldn’t have been *that* great of a run. Better luck next time! Nostalgia also has three new members, a father and his two sons who we’re excited to have along. We’re growing, even if it is slow we have a fantastic core group of players. 

By the time I headed off to Fens of Nathsar (I had forgotten to pick up the sokokar post earlier, long walk!) I was starting to fall asleep at the desk, and so I called it a night. Gated back home, sold the few bits of goodies I had on me, sent the harvest npc’s out once more into the wild, and went to bed. 

Today the game is down for 12 hours. Which means you can expect a number of things on this site throughout the day. One would be the patch notes for GU50 if they’re posted some where eventually. Remember that’s separate from the TSO expansion going live. It includes things such as players receiving their app1’s from 1-80 (so you finally know what you get now!) and special carpenter only recipes that come from shiny in Mara. I’m sure I’ll be spamming the site with useless posts about nothing, so stay tuned for that! Servers are due back up at 3pm EST, we’ll see if that holds true. 

See you all in Norrath (later)!

2 Responses to The Day Before

  1. Odius says:

    EQ2 has harvesting hirelings? Wow…I’ve been mising out. That was the one thing I enjoyed the least…harvesting…bleh. And what is AA? I don’t get it.

  2. Cordanim says:

    I signed up too late for our VS raid, so I just hung out doing Jarsath Wastes quests and then did a VOES run. Managed to snag my Brigand chestpiece though :)

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