No TSO in Sight for this Ottawa Resident

Apparently those polar bears got stuck in snow, or were stopped at the boarder with their bags of video games because as of 7:30pm on the 19th there is no date or time given on when the TSO expansion (retail) may actually be for sale. EBGames claims they MAY get it by Friday, Best Buy has no idea what the game even is, and Furture Shop has none ordered at all.

I wouldn’t mind getting the digital download if it wasn’t for the bear mount with 52% (that’s 62% with aa) run speed. Why did they have to add a USEFUL /claim item to the retail box this year. Why did they have to be DIFFERENT rewards at all. 

Bitter? Sure, a little bit. I have articles about the new expansion due on the 8th with no expansion in sight and no one seems to understand what’s going on. EBGames even told me yesterday after I talked to them that they would have it today. Today they’re claiming they have no idea and I should check in Friday. Sighs. I do get to enjoy reading everyone else’ post on it though, and watching them explore the new zones and the new goodies while I work on my harvesting quest. 

Why does this have to be so complicated. LoTR’s expansion is full on the shelves and so is WoTLK. Maybe this is just a sign. 

Sorry for the rant, it’s rare that I do it but this is one of those times.

6 Responses to No TSO in Sight for this Ottawa Resident

  1. Sinamana says:

    Well don’t worry, I had people who exploited plat then cleared my broker now my account is suspended. They claim that it will all work out in the end.

  2. stargrace says:

    My low level characters can’t do those void shard quests though Lader. That’s why I wanted the bear. ‘free’ for every character that at least has some run speed and levels up with them. Not going to grind void shard instances for a bear when there’s gear to grind first. =/

  3. Lader says:

    theyre supposed to be ~60 void shards. I know its not a free item for all characters, but if it looks like you might not have the retail for a long time you might as well get digital and start accumulating the void shards and buy the better bear lol

  4. stargrace says:

    No they don’t (yet). Even if they did, they’re going to cost a huge amount of money / status / levels. The retail ones are ‘free’ – and for every character on an account.

  5. Lars says:

    Don’t they have in game bear mounts that are just as good? I went with digital because I’m too lazy to find a store that actually knows what World of EverQuest is.

  6. Ogrebears says:

    well if you got the right verstion you also get a real life metal bear… And if you throw it at some one it does blunt damage.

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