TSO Launches – And So Do The Bugs

If you read the official forums at all, you start to wonder whether anyone out there really enjoys the game they’re paying to play or if they just enjoy ranting in a public place. Wading through the forums does bring to the attention that although the servers were some what stable last night (as in, they didn’t completely crash despite the issues they had) for TSO’s launch, it’s not without it’s bugs. 

There’s one particularly large bug that in the past would have warranted the servers coming down. Such is not the case this time around which means more and more people are taking advantage of it. You may notice in game that merchants are buying your trash items off of you for a LOT less then they used to. On the flip side, some items that used to be worth 10g or so are now worth 3p depending on the merchant you use. Menders are charging anywhere from a few gold to repair your gear to upwards of 8p. 

Then of course there is the issues with lag, crashing, and instances being unavailable. There are all the characters who now live in “HOUSING UNKNOWN” when you’re trying to buy from them on the broker. 

There’s an uproar over how many void shards you need to get gear, and the grind associated with it, as well as the fact that this expansion SOE decided to not add the +90 days that every other expansion came with. Not a game breaking deal but it was something customers had grown accustomed to for the last four years and they’re a little bewildered at why it changed now. 

Channels are no better. People complaining about everything from why their dire bear looks like a warg with a different head, to out right demanding their money back and how as a two boxer they’ve been left in the cold since everything is too hard. 

Lets not forget that the character transfer service has been down for months now, and they’re transfering by hand one request at a time. The number of posts about this issue is astonishing, especially since people are still willing to pay $50 for a service that doesn’t work. 

Best bet? Avoid the forums until things calm down, and in my case, selective reading. Hopefully things get fixed. The game was pretty much unplayable for a large potion of my friends last night, and half of them decided to log early for the night and just wait the rush out. 

I have my fingers crossed that tonight is better then last night, going to be dragging Nostalgians into the craft instances (as long as the polar bears show up with my copy of TSO).

Edit: Forgot to add two more to the list. If you find you can not chat in game – right click your chat window, and set your window settings to frame: none. This will fix it. Also, if you find you’re unable to partake in your world wide class channels that is because they’ve renamed some channels and they are server only. You’ll have to check the forums and see if there’s been a new channel assigned. For example guk.coercer no longer works, it’s their server specific channel.

6 Responses to TSO Launches – And So Do The Bugs

  1. stargrace says:

    Ardwulf is also on AB – but he restarted on Najena to hang with Nostalgia.
    Feel free to do the same!

  2. Cordanim says:

    Hey Openedge…I’m on AB still so if you do pop back, say “Hi” to Cordanim…or Coron…or Ewor…or Blathmic…ok I have too many characters too LOL

  3. Openedge1 says:

    I actually have a level 54 I believe…am I still a noob then?…AGGHHH (EDIT: Just decided to finally look and I have a level 61 PALADIN…wowsers)

    As to TSO, I hate the way SOE does the expansions.

    I got burned on Kunark, as I kinda hated the new location, so I lost my 40 bucks after already shelling out $40 6 months before that…so, if I return I will not be messing in anything “new” per se.

    So, if it is end game, I should be ok.

    As to Nostalgia, I am on Antonia Bayle, so I think that cuts me out (who pays 50 bucks to transfer a piece of code from one place to another…yuck)…

    My main goal if I return is to max a character. I have NEVER (except in Guild Wars, because it rocked) maxed in any MMO. With my level 61 being so close, he would be my focus I think.

    Good to hear it is mostly TSO issues.

    And who knows…if I am having fun, then Nostalgia may just be the ticket for me to stick out an MMO for a longer period also…

    Decisions, Decisions….

  4. stargrace says:

    You wouldn’t be experiencing them really Openedge1, they’re related to the end game content added. TSO offers nothing to new players / low level players (50+ for a few instances that scale). Plus, they’ll be fixed quickly. As an extra nudge this way though, Nostalgia is always recruiting. =p

  5. Openedge1 says:

    Ooo…and this was on my list of games to go to since Spellborn took a dive…

    Dangit, I would not tolerate these bugs very well…so, I may have to put EQ2 on hold…


  6. Tipa says:

    I had that can’t chat bug; found the “set frame and title to none” hint on the EQ2Interface forums. That was kind of exasperating.

    Kinda glad actually that I couldn’t spend all that much time in TSO last night, I guess.

    Looking forward to crafting instances!

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