A Quiet Evening

Another evening without TSO means 35,788 words on NaNoWriMo, and a bit of art work too. Can be found in full view here. Contemplating starting up a second blog for the art bits, but I hate having multiple places to write in, I’d rather be able to mush all my interests together. I know not everyone likes that though. I tried to siphon out the non-gaming bits, but it doesn’t work for long.


No TSO in Sight for this Ottawa Resident


Even More Harvesting, and Thoughts on Raids


  1. For what it’s worth, I really enjoy looking on your blog to find either a gaming blog, cool art or story or whatever else you end up posting. It breaks up the monotony of reading strictly gaming blogs.

  2. Gnewton

    I couldn’t agree more with Cow Nose :)

    This is your area to do with what you please. Besides, you are so talented it’s really nice to see beautiful art!


  3. It’s your blog star, do what you want with it. I know I personally would never subscribe to just an art blog, but mixed in with your gaming stuff, well it doesn’t annoy me when you do. The art you do is all fantasy related anyways!

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