Nostalgia WTF PWNs the TSO Hardcore Crafting Instances

It’s after midnight and I’m falling asleep at my desk but before I got to bed I just had to post about this fantastic night. I’ll go over it in more detail tomorrow. Tonight, Nostalgia set foot into a group crafting instance. We truely are hardcore crafters – but we are so much more. I had an absolutely amazing time. I would suggest going into these crafting instances with AT LEAST three people, and if you can, one from each of the crafting archtypes. That means an outfitter, a scholar, and a whatever the final one is that I can’t remember. You’ll find things much easier this way.

I walked away with aa experience, a Far Seas token (I just need the faction now to purchase two new craft books) and a chromatic essence for countering one of the pop ups correctly. The chest at the end also dropped a nice piece of crafter gear – but it had + fletching on it, so it went to Arysh, my woodworker (who was not in the zone, too bad it’s not smart loot). 

Anyhow, before I get some sleep. It was great. I couldn’t have met up with a more wonderful bunch of people to play EQ2 with. Tipa and Kasul, thank you both!

3 Responses to Nostalgia WTF PWNs the TSO Hardcore Crafting Instances

  1. Moltove says:

    Hmm, lvl 100 Epic? something tells me this isn’t a normal instance! =P A crafting instance, hmm? I’ll have to check it out sometime. I hope crafting level doesn’t matter, hehe. Very nice though!

  2. Odius says:

    The rock illusion is just too cool.

    I just realized I am going to have to re-learn the crafting process. Ugg… TSO sounds like good time though.

  3. hudson says:

    Is that the Plane of Innovation?

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