Norrathian Museum Bits

I don’t have a name for the museum yet, but I’d like to think of one eventually. Picture above is the work in progress main room. It has a small Lucan D’Lere display (it will be more complete and changed around once I get that new Action Figure of him you can get with some TSO quest I’m not sure which) and includes various artifacts on display. I need a few more stools so I can place items, as well as scrolls for inside the cases. I’ve been having a lot of fun building this. I intend on doing it pretty much one room at a time. 

The museum for those who missed it in the previous post is much better in person and you can find it in North Freeport on the Najena server, in the mage tower (which seems fitting I think) under Ellithia’s name.

I realize not everyone is an EQ2 housing buff, but you’ll have to bare with me because it’s a project I’ve had a lot of fun building (and hence I tend to ramble on about it a lot). The bear display turned out surprisingly well. Silhouette pictured above reading the display notice. It probably says something like ‘Don’t Feed The Bears’.

My next goal is to flesh out that room and then work on the ‘paintings’ room, which will consist of a room (the upstairs one in the 5-room Freeport homes if you’re familiar with the layout) paneled in the redwood dividers, with some set out in the center of the room for artwork to be lined up on. The paintings are the LoN ones that I’ve collected over time, as well as the new ones from TSO. One of the new TSO items is in the very first screen shot, painting on the left hand side of Mayong. I can’t remember if it was a quest reward or if it was pilfered loot, but it’s a nice painting none the less.

Outside I’m going to make a garden framed by a walkway for players to walk along safely, downstairs (if I have space to build anything) I’ll turn it into a living area for the owner of the home. The main entrance I figure I’ll do some sort of seating / welcoming area, maybe with a stand for pamphlets of the ‘must sees’ in Freeport, and there’s one other little area I’d like to turn into a room for Heritage Quests to be displayed (since right clicking them turns them into house items). I’ve also got the token aquarium of course, in the outdoor area on the main floor. 

All in all? It’s coming along!

More posts on actual adventures this weekend (it was a great weekend) coming later today! I hope everyone e had an amazing time in Norrath.

3 Responses to Norrathian Museum Bits

  1. stargrace says:

    There’s a mystical mirror in front for the rippled water effect (I play with max settings, so that’s a lighting effect).
    As for your house – the persona window will tell you the zone, from there it’s just a matter of knocking on doors *grins*

  2. Odius says:

    Looks awesome. I like that last pic with the shark and water effect. How’d you make that? This also reminds me I will have to remember which inn I have a room in…

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