Wake Up Call

There’s nothing more refreshing then the cold morning air blowing past you, unless it’s combined with rain and snow and it’s bright and early on a Tuesday morning, you’re standing in your jammies with your jacket on, camera strapped to your back and a shivering kitty in her crate. 

That was my wake up call this morning and I thought I’d share. You know how every one has a few particular items that they just couldn’t do without (or so I think) if the house were on fire? The things that spring up right away in your mind when you think about losing them? Well, the fire alarms don’t go off too often here, but I treat every time as though it’s an actual fire (which is more then a lot of the building people do) and I take some things with me every single time just in case the one time I don’t treat it like a real one, and it ends up that it is. Does that make sense? Think I got some snow lodged in some place and my thought process is a bit foggy.  

Anyhow. Fire alarm goes off, I hunt down the kitty (who hides in any number of places) pack her into her carrier, grab my purse, some shoes, a jacket, and my camera bag. Once the laptop gets a bag (on the list) I’ll probably grab that too. My camera bag has an umbrella in it and a few other goodies tucked into pouches, purse has important things that I’ll need etc etc. It works out well. 

Lugging the kitty down the 11 flights of stairs, not so fun. 

Picture above is of the fire men getting to the building, we had THREE trucks show up for a malfunctioning pump in the garage apparently (that’s what the supervisor came out and told us. Lets take note of the fact that she stayed in the nice warm building while all of us hung out in the snow). The building is 18 floors, 15 units or so per floor. The second picture to the right is Shadowgeist and Princess (in the crate that would be Princess not Shadow) trying to avoid the rain, snow, and just hanging out waiting to be let back into the building.

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