Bards, Just Crafting for Fun

We go out, in Norrathian Night,
My guildies say when you gonna do your void shard quests right,
Oh GM’s please we’re not adventuring ones,
We’re bards just crafting for fun.
Oh bards just crafting for fun.

The saw cuts in the middle of the night,
A shadowknight yells something about adventuring right,
The instances will always be number one.
But bards they’re just crafting fun.
Oh Bards just want to craft–

That’s all they really want.
Some crafting.
When the adventuring day is done,
Bards– they’re just crafting for fun.
Oh Bards just crafting for fun.


Ahem, alright now that I got that out of my system. Last night Kasul was having issues getting the new round of crafting quests (there are a bunch of forum posts about these issues on the EQ2players forums, so check them out for more details) so Tipa and I headed off to gear up a dwarven army just the two of us. I decided I would bring Goudia, my 59 alchemist rather then my level 80 crafter because I wanted to actually gain some experience from the encounters. Though now that means Silhouette is behind on tokens and faction. I should be able to get the new solo quest some time today or tomorrow, and get the rest of the faction and finally purchase the two recipe books I’ve been eyeballing. 

I managed to get one far seas innovation that rewarded me with a T8 pelt, and the loot at the end was not too bad, at least we each got a piece. Tipa walked away with a new book that none of us has yet to make more void shard pieces, and I got an alchemist piece of set gear. The quest itself was a lot of fun, I enjoy the ones that fill the zone with level 100 epicx4’s and we get to partake in some grand battle. The quest took roughly an hour and a half with just the two of us, but even that was not too bad. I gained two levels (completely out of vitality might I add, and it hurts even with the 50% bonus my account currently has) and Tipa also gained a level on her tailor. 

Silhouette is a little behind now in her tokens, but I’ve come to the conclusion that unless you’re in a proper 6 person group, those crafting instances are really boring at level 80. They take a long time to complete (mind you, they’re meant to be done in a group and not solo, get a group and you’re sailing) and you’re not gaining anything during the process, you’re just counting down the minutes for it to be over. 

Now, if you’re a lower level crafter (50+) these instances are fantastic, and doing them alone for three hours can reward you with quite a few levels as well as the Far Seas innovations and the loot at the end. My alchemist has moved 10 levels in less then a week, and the tailor is getting up there too. My armorer needs to hit level 50 first before I can do any of the instances on her, I managed to get one level yesterday and she’s sitting at 41. Only 9 more levels to go. It really feels like quite a grind to get those levels too after experiencing the joys of instances, but I’ll struggle through it some how!

I hope to get more adventuring done sooner or later. Some instances and finishing off those Moors quests would be a great example. I’ve been doing some exping on my baby bruiser, more about that later today!

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  1. Gnewton says:

    Cyndi Lauper FTW! ;)

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