New Projects?

Now that my NaNoWriMo is completed (yes, you read that right) I’m looking for a few more creative outlets to partake in. One of which was written about by Tipa as well as Malfi. ShutterCal is a fantastic little site where you upload one picture a day and over the months you have quite the little memory album. Of course since I just found out about this site I went back and updated for the entire month – pictures that are not necessarily from this month, but they’re things that I’ve done this year. From today onwards I’ll use up to date photographs. No guarantee that I’ll update it every day, but I’ll be trying. You can find my calendar posted here. Along that same line, I’m contemplating setting up a site that would work as a creative outlet, with photography, art, and writing. Then I can leave this site to gaming (and gaming related art of course) and not have to bore people with posts like this one. I’ll more then likely just use blogger or wordpress depending on my mood. 

I’ve been having a lot of fun decorating, and as a reminder to myself I really need to get those Moors quests done so I can gain some faction and finally purchase those recipe books that I keep talking about. There’s still a lot to do in EQ2, and I’ve been having fun just picking what I want to do for an evening and then doing it, without worrying about being behind in anything.

Last night I played my bruiser (newly betrayed from monk) in Everfrost. She’s level 52 (now 53) and the heroic blue and green encounters are something she can solo, which I really like. Even better is the fact that the bruiser is on my ‘main’ account, which means she gets 50% bonus experience. I’ve been neglecting my plate tanks, who I mentioned some time ago that I wanted to level to end game, simply because lots of people look for ‘instance tanks’ and not so much raid tanks. I think I could be a good one, if I tried. Motivating myself to leave the crafting instance and get out there and gain some levels is a little more difficult. Guess we’ll just see how it goes!

P.S. Getting ready to make home made peanut butter cups. Feel free to stop by!

2 Responses to New Projects?

  1. stargrace says:

    Every raid only needs 1-3 tanks, max. Anyone else would have to sit in an EQ2 raid (I’m talking high end content clearing raids here, avatars and the like). Getting yourself one of these positions is very rare, I’d say 95% of raid guilds out there have their tanks established already, and are not going to be looking for any more.

    However, when you have a guild of 40-60 people, and you need to run instances every day so that people can get their void shards – and those instances have 18 hour lock out timers, you need more tanks to be able to run them. Guilds (two in particular) have been looking to recruit ‘instance tanks’ for tanking instances, and not for tanking raid zones (because they already have those tanks well established).

    It’s one of the downfalls to EQ2’s raid system. The 24 person limit means you need a very specific set up in order to succeed. If you have 6 tanks, three of those are taking up slots that would be better suited for someone else to make the raid go a lot more smooth.

    Again, this is my opinion from personal experience in end game raiding guilds over the past four years. There are smaller guilds who do go do raids with 6 tanks – but I can guarantee they’re not downing avatars.

  2. Hudson says:

    “simply because lots of people look for ‘instance tanks’ and not so much raid tanks”

    What is the difference?

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