Solo Tradeskill Quests in Mara

I managed to get the next solo crafting quest today, after having completed the first one last week. Last week’s required me to craft a number of things from various skills and turn them in to the supply deposit. This weeks was incredibly different from that one, requiring no crafting at all to speak of. It also only rewarded 6g plus the Far Seas Token – and since I died four times and my repair bill was quite a bit, I would rather have done the crafting one.

That’s not to say it wasn’t well done and fun, it was both. I have run speed though, and that’s not your friend in this quest.

The Far Seas division wants you to recover relics from the stone men inside of an instance in the Tower of Four Winds, which is in the Village of Mara. You zone into a special instance on the main level of the tower, and get a revamped version of an older instance, you may recognize it as being one from an adventure pack. Inside are terracotta men – and one fallen ally on the ground. Right clicking the ally allows you to collect a special hammer from them, and then you get to run around throwing that hammer at the mobs who are far higher level then you. 

You need to tag 50 of these creatures, and then grab relics off of them. The lay out for the instance can be a bit confusing if you’ve never been there before, or if (like me) you tend to run around jumping off of ledges and gliding down to the ledge below. 

Once you’ve collected the 50 relics, you return to the supply depot in Mara and turn them in. Unlike last weeks quest that rewarded 25,000 faction, this one only rewards 2,000 faction. This is quite a low amount for a quest you can only do once a week. The group quests (which can also be solo’d and are only once a day) reward you with 1,000 faction (it may be 1,500 faction, I can’t quite remember). I wish they had a better timer then once a day. 

So after doing various group instances, along with the two solo quests, I accumulated a few tokens and 30,000 faction (finally). I was going to try to get my 40,000 faction and purchase the two carpenter recipe books, but the books don’t look like they reward house items, they’re some sort of expendable item with five charges. I decided to forgo these, and spend my tokens on the forest set of gear that gives bonuses to crafting. 

Silhouette is proudly wearing the outfit, pictured above. It’s in my appearance slots for now, and I’m really wishing EQ2 had ‘tabs’ much like Vanguard does, for crafting gear. That way I:

  • Wouldn’t have to lug all sorts of crafting gear with me in my bags
  • Wouldn’t have to keep switching my gear around when I wanted the stats off of the crafting sets

Maybe this will be looked into in the future. With crafting being such a huge deal lately in EQ2 (and a popular one) it would be great to see a few more things implemented that gave players the idea that crafting (and just crafting) is a valid option aside from just adventuring. Not that I want to see EQ2 revolve around crafting, I don’t, but I’ve said in the past that I thought a lot of games underestimated how popular these methods of advancement are. 

People in the states are busy with thanksgiving as I write this, makes me wish it was Thanksgiving in Canada again. All that turkey. Yum!

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  1. Argyuile says:

    The instance with the Terricotta soldiers is the Forsaken City/Nizzara map, it seems very daunting at first but here are some tips.

    The zone is almost a mirror image of itself and if you make the same moves (always go left or something) You’ll find almost all the warriors. Don’t jump down and around and try to get every warrior you happen to see because you’ll just confuse yourself.

    If you see 2 paths dont just pound all the warriors you can see. I like to leave them up in directions I havn’t gone so that when I come back later I know I haven’t gone that way.

    In the TS version there are exactly 2 dead ends. (You can look over on the big rock outcropping that looks like a chinese dragon on both of them)

  2. stargrace says:

    Even if it was an error, they’ve reduced it to 2,000 not 2,500. :)

  3. Lysari says:

    The 20,500 was a typo actually, according to the forums. It was supposed to be 2500, but there was an extra zero making it 20,500.

  4. Kasul says:

    I didn’t die during the new solo quest, but I had trouble finding two of the terracotta guys in that maze of an instance. I blame not adventuring in Fallen Dynasty when it was popular! :)

    Vanguard really handles equipment for each of the three spheres well, I’d love to see another tab for Tradeskill gear in EQ2. Until then, I’ll probably just have to add it to the three tinkered charms, the Mara charm, the cloak and the earring I carry around everywhere now. Thank goodness for 600+ STR and strong boxes!

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