Questing in The Moors

There’s only one major downside to having too many characters (two accounts, one with station access) and that is when it comes time to deciding what to do, or who to work on, unless you’re in a very specific mood, that process could take hours. I’ve been meaning to do the Moors of Ykesha quests (there are a lot of them) and work up my faction at least enough to be able to purchase the crafting books, but the lag on Najena has been so incredibly bad that after 30 minutes or so I give up and decide to work on something else, instead. I’m sure it will get fixed before too long, but in the mean time I’m content to work on other things. I still only have two void shards and I’ve barely seen a fraction of the instances available. Since the content has to last a year, I’m not in a great rush (even though the gear you can purchase with void shards is quite amazing for non-raiders, and even a few pieces for raiders).

The paladin who was at 35 ended up reaching 42 on that same day when I wrote about leveling her. Shadowgeist and I headed to Runnyeye, which is a zone that’s pretty empty these days except for level 80’s who are trying to get boarfiend parts. Those level 30’s boars within the zone drop the lore and legend pieces. In fact, I sold one single piece for 5p that’s how popular they are. The next closest price was 17p. For something that dropped off of a level 30 mob, I was quite happy.

At 42 the paladin is still wearing her level 22 and level 4 gear. I’ve been contemplating whether or not I want to bother upgrading it, or if I want to wait until 52, since that tier will last longer (I dislike leveling in the 50’s, always have). On that same note, I’m trying to decide where I want to level her. Perhaps purchasing some gear and heading to Everfrost to quest would be a good idea.

The alts are fun, I love leveling through the older content, even if it’s rushing by only long enough to have shadowgeist harm touch an encounter and have them instantly die. I also contemplated re-betraying my dirge back to a troubador yesterday. If it wasn’t for the fact that silicate loams are 4-5p a piece and I’d (naturally) want adeptIII of all of my skills. Perhaps a work in progress. I betrayed to a dirge because I wasn’t playing the bard and when I did play her I wanted her to have a little more group utility. I’m not playing her as a dirge either though and there are far more dirges around then troubadors. Plus, well why not. I betray all my characters all of the time, that’s nothing new. It’s one of the methods I use to keep things interesting. Weird? Of course, but hey that’s who I am.

2 Responses to Questing in The Moors

  1. stargrace says:

    That would be the shadowknight mythical right there. :) He loves that sword. Along with his spiky shoulders, of course.

  2. Odius says:

    That sword Shadowgeist is holding is pretty cool looking.

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