Halflings Need Baths Too

I love the way the graphics are in the Moors of Ykesha. When you head to one of the very first camps, you’re in the swamp and surrounded by flies the entire time you quest. It’s these great little additions that make EverQuestII come to life, and I’ll never get tired of them (even when they lag my machine up). I still haven’t managed to get enough faction to buy the recipe books or appearance armour, but I’m getting there slowly. So far I’ve been sort of two sided about the release of TSO. On one hand it’s very pretty, with nice rewards. On the other hand this is the fourth year (going on fifth) that I’ve played EQ2 (yes, I’ve been here from the start) and it feels like I’ve done all of this before. The void shards are great for those who can manage to get a group, but for those who are unable to it’s frustrating. It’s more or less because I still don’t know anyone on Najena aside from Nostalgia and a few Siege members, and those I do know already have their static groups. I’ll have to see if I can remedy this. The only real innovation that grabbed me right away was the crafting bits and I realize I talk about crafting an exceptional amount in this blog, but that’s not the only thing I enjoy in my games. It just happens to be a large portion. 

I’d like to /wave and say hi back to Kilanna, who took a break from the blogging world for a while. She’s my aussie friend who plays on the Guk server, a templar. Her posts are filled with all of the good things about EQ2, so be sure to give it a peek. 

Goals for me? More then likely leveling my paladin a little bit. Still undecided as to whether or not I’ll get her some gear. I probably should. I wish there were more armor quests (maybe legendary?) spread throughout the tiers that people could quest for. Though I guess crafters may find that annoying. 

Other then questing in Moors, and doing those crafting quests, not too much is new EQ2 wise! Wish I had something more exciting to write about. Maybe later today!

2 Responses to Halflings Need Baths Too

  1. Kilanna says:

    Thanks for the Welcome back!!

    Loving what I have seen of TSO so far eh.

  2. Lars says:

    I think my throat has gone hoarse spamming LFG for missions on Najena. I’m hoping its just because of the holidays, people busy, not ready to commit to an hour or two of dungeon crawling or tradeskill missions.

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