Miragul’s Phylactery: The Crucible

There’s only one main down side I have to having so many characters in this new TSO expansion. Because everything is purchased with void shards or Far Seas Tokens, I have shards spread out on multiple characters but no one character has amassed a large amount. There’s about 20 crafting tokens spread over 5 characters, and 10 void shard tokens spread over a few characters as well (I know, I have been slacking in the adventuring department). A few people had raids cancelled so they asked me if I wanted to head to Everfrost and do an instance with them. Sure! The group was made up of a Shadowknight, Assassin, Templar, Dirge, Fury, and myself as Coercer. Albrta and Eyenstein both went, something that has been rare as of late, and we had a blast.

We had a great amount of DPS and the mobs dropped easily enough. When you zone in there is a hallway to the left and the right, and you’re offered a quest right away too.  We cleared all of the rooms along the way on the first floor, headed upstairs and took a right. We cleared the rooms there and then it was time to place the little statues. If you stand in the center there are special windows that you can look through that tells you where to place each statue. Easy enough. Killed the named and nothing too impressive dropped, but it was fun. We had to be careful of some minor AOE’s. 

When it came to burning the room of named down to 50% before placing them over their little coloured platforms, we had a lot of fun. I wasn’t sure if we burned just one to 50, then put them over their stand, or burn all to 50 and place them. Turns out they all come. We had the shadowknight tank all three of the name (who also spawn adds during the fight) and then once we worked them all down to 50% we moved them over to their proper coloured platforms and there they stayed. The named talked for a bit and then we took him down as well. He does have some aoe’s. Seems like everything has aoe’s these days. 

Nothing really phased us until we got to the final named, we did die once because we forgot to pull the named out of the center so that people can see the books and scrolls that spawn on the floor. We had the dirge and assassin on book duty, this allowed us to slow our fight down enoough not to be worried about when the items would spawn. You just have to click them, and as long as you have two people in the center who have their effects on high enough to see the items drop, you’ll be fine. Make sure they grab the torches first. There is an aoe that goes off just before the scrolls and books drop in the middle, so if you’re not sure when it’s about to happen (even though it’s every 20%) you can always look for that. The adds that spawn after the books are clicked are single one up mobs, the dirge and assassin in the center took care of those while we continued to take down the mob. 

There are other methods of doing this encounter. You can stun / stifle the mob so that his text doesn’t go off and he doesn’t spawn the books. You can put up an aoe avoidance spell so that the aoe doesn’t touch you. Or you can just have two people click the books, which is really the easiest way to go. Slow your dps right down and just take it easy. We didn’t have any issues with the named once we set our book clickers in the center while we were off to the side, but I realize that since I was with 4 mythical geared people (templar and myself are not raiders) the encounter may not be as easy for everyone else. 

A nice legendary earring dropped that was an upgrade for Shadowgeist, it was nice to see since it’s rare that any of the raid geared people want something from the zones. We also got our void shard key on one of the very first mobs, and the chest was on the main floor, so we got our shards after not even clearing the first floor which was nice. 

The mission sends you around the zone to click items, chests and book pages. By the end of the evening I walked away with two void shards and had a lot of fun with good friends. It was nice to see a zone where you don’t HAVE to have an enchanter along to beat it. I did no mezing at all. However, I would say that this zone does need two healers. Deep Forge is the only zone I’ve been in so far that we didn’t take two healers (I solo healed it with only one death on the warden). 

I am enjoying how each zone has a different feel, and looks different, and has a different puzzle. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to do the Guk ones before too long, as well as the loping plains ones, I haven’t been there yet.

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