Plundered House Items – PartI

While you’re adventuring through the newest TSO instances, be on the look out for furniture that you can steal and take home with you. There are a number of house items that can be collected by adventurers and brought home, something that I find absolutely amazing. 

You may want to set up a rule for your group before you even enter the zone, as only some of these house items seem to respawn (the rug in Befallen is an example of one that does not seem to respawn).

In each of the Loping Plains instances, one of three paintings can be found with the same title – “Mysterious Painting” 

The one of the woman can be found in Evernight Abbey, from a clickable coffin. Keep your eyes open for the other two in the other instances. 

The paintings look fantastic, the details are wonderful and there’s a lot of character in them. I only have two of the collection so far, but hopefully I’ll be able to get my hands on the rest before too long and add them to my museum (which is still a work in progress). 

Keep in mind that you CAN find these on the broker. They’re treasured house items, tradeable, and are worth 250 status points each. There are a lot more items besides these three paintings, including tapestries, rugs, bushes, chandelier, and even a chair. I’ll post pictures of those next.

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  1. Kilanna says:

    I have heard that if everyone clicks at the same time, then the whole group can get the house item. It seemed to work for us in Evernight Abbey… but didn’t seem to work last night in the Crucible.

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