Plundered House Items – PartII

Azure Rug of the Forsaken – Comes from Befallen, Cavern of the Afflicted. Be careful, as this item does NOT (at this time) respawn for people. There is a named in the room and it’s quite easy to accidentally pick up the rug when you mean to do something else. 

Azure Tapestry of the Forsaken – comes from Halls of the Forsaken, the last room in the zone. 

Dark Sathirian Tapestry – (not sure exactly where this one comes from yet, will update when I find out)

Grimberry Bush – Comes from Halls of the Fallen

Shredded Tapestry of the Ykeshan Stronghold –

Ykeshan Wraithguard Guardian – From Ykesha’s Outer Stronghold

Frost-rimmed chandelier – Comes from The Crucible

Frost-rimmed Chair – Comes from the Scion of Ice


For more detailed information, as well as any updates, be sure to keep reading this post in the Norrathian Homeshow, where people have been sharing what they’ve found. 

There’s a few pictures I haven’t added as well, there’s a maroon tapestry of the forsaken, and another shredded one.

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  1. Malfi says:

    So… It’s going to be house items that get me off my duff and dragging the Conjy into instances, is it? I see how it is!!!

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