Swamps of Rumug

At level 45 most players spend the rest of their levels to 50 working on armor sets. These are known as ‘Swamp Armor’ because of the areas that you need to work for faction in. There are three faction and each one rewards the gear with a different focus. I’m still two levels away from 45, but it’s never too early to start working on faction (when some of it comes from kills) especially when you’re also working on harvesting. I was anxious to get lumberjacking over 400. At 500 I can harvest aged wood, which is actually T6 wood and worth a pretty penny. I’m hoping since Galleons come out this month that the price of wood will go up. Right now dusky is going for 1g a stack, since there’s just so many people sitting at T5. 

I headed to the Swamps of Rumug to duo with a ranger in guild, taking down treants. That’s another aspect of VG that I really enjoy, you can get lumber from killing treant type creatures or you can get it from harvesting trees. Leather also comes form the area in the form of skinning trolls. After looking at a few sites and trying to figure out how swamp armor works exactly, I’ve decided I’m going to go with a gorgalok set. There’s no real base healer cloth set for blood mages, and since most of my heals are based off of my damage output anyhow, there’s nothing wrong with going for a caster type set of armor. The gorgalok set focuses on +damage and +crit which is perfect. It requires me to kill in Ichtakhta, which is in the chunk just North West of Rumug. One problem which I’m sure to run into is that my partner in crime, Growlius, mentioned that he may be playing VG again as soon as this weekend (excited!) and he’ll probably want to work on the Ichtakhta set of armor, which is +mitigation and +absorption. This puts us at odds as far as faction goes. Working on one faction will lower it with the others. I guess we’ll just have to see. 

After spending an hour or two wandering around killing trees I gated back home and sold the little bit of vendor trash I had, and put the crafting bits on the broker. I’m finding it a little difficult to make money. There is a huge surplus of artificers who wander the lands of Telon, and I’m just one of them. Crafting supplies used to sell quite well, but there’s so many people harvesting and so many people end game that it’s hard for me to find a little niche to settle into. With the new guild hall for Safe Haven comes dues, and I’m expected to pay 5g a month or 10g if I manage to level to 50. Which this is by no means a huge amount of coin, it is if you play casually and don’t exactly have a lot of money to spare. Or if you ended up giving away all your money in a scavenger hunt you hosted before you left last time. I imagine it will take me a bit to find a way to make coin again. It’s funny to see all the quests I’m doing reward me with 6s and 7s when I get anything into the double digits as a reward even at level 43 I jump for joy. Aside from my skills every two levels and repair bills I don’t have a great number of costs, so for now this works out just fine.

Edit: Forgot to mention! In the general channel today someone mentioned if anyone had tried to /setfog 777777 and said that it made the game nice and clear. I was aware there was a command to remove the fog from game but had never played with it, and at first I thought the person just wanted to fool people into the whole game being VERY foggy or something like that. So I tested it out. Low and behold, when the fog vanished so did every ounce of lag I had. Yes, it removes a little bit from the atmosphere of the game, that screen shot above has fog on, with it off you can see the ruins in the background crystal clear. I don’t mind looking at everything crystal clear though without that hazy feel to it, and like I said, lag is completely gone and no sputtering. I think I’ll leave it off.

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  1. Kasul says:

    Treants are so cool looking in Vanguard. There are some that patrol around Rindol Field that I ran into the other day, just amazing looking. I still can’t really get into the EQ2 treant model for some reason.

    I’m going to have to try the no fog trick, I tend to get lag running through the countryside too.

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