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Yesterday I didn’t get much time to play EQ2, but I did get a little after I got back from doing groceries (on a completely unrelated note, my mom gave me a bread maker and I am in complete love with this machine). Shadowgeist asked if I wanted to do The Crucible and try to help him get a fabled paladin / shadowknight shield that drops in the instance. Out of all of the instances I’ve done so far (and there are still a lot I’ve yet to do) I like this one the most. I’m not sure why, I think it’s just a good balance between a very short instance and a very long one. The puzzles are not too difficult and I like the whole frozen theme. Anyhow, we headed off with a troubador, dirge, mystic, shadowknight, illusionist, and myself as warden. NOT your typical group by any means. We had one wipe because one of the book clickers at the end couldn’t grab the torch in time, but other then that it was a fantastic zone. I like being able to know a zone well enough that it doesn’t matter what sort of group you bring in, you know you’ll win. 

Well, the shield didn’t drop, but the very nice symbol on the right hand side did drop. The mystic and myself rolled need on it and I held my breath waiting for the roll to go through. I ended up winning, something that doesn’t happen that often when it comes to loot in game. I was VERY happy. I finally replaced some of my older gear that I’ve had ever since EoF when I was actually raiding. It’s nice to see my warden get some upgrades. The Crucible was also the daily double zone yesterday, and the quest requires no killing. So once we were done clearing out the instance I went through and gathered the five pages I required, then ported back to the Moors of Ykesha to turn them in. Arysh is sitting on 7 void shards now after spending 4 of them on her jewelery piece. For someone who rarely does the instance, I was happy. I’m going to have to peek at the merchants and see which piece I should upgrade next. 

Some time I want to update my houses with new crafted items, they’re getting out dated. I also worked on the museum a little bit and got two more rooms completed. Or at least almost completed. That will be a work in progress for a little while I think. There’s a chance I may be getting my mythical for Arysh, but we’ll have to see how that goes. 

As always if you’re on the Najena server, stop by and say hello! It was nice to see Tipa and Gnewton grouped up together in TD working on quests. I had just enough time to complete The Crucible and then it was time to pop over to Vanguard for a little bit. 

Hopefully everyone else had an amazing weekend no matter what game they were playing (or no game at all!) this week I’ll be setting up the Christmas tree and working on some art work (for Christmas gifts of course) so we’ll just have to see how the gaming goes!

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  1. Kilanna says:

    Awwww Grats on nice item… That is a pretty thing indeed!!!

    Preaching to the choir here too – love my healers :p I have played all healer classes at low levels now, and seen great players of all healer classes in raids. I have been asked the same question and answer the same way – ALL healer classes can be excellent healers – just depends what you want and how you want to play.

  2. stargrace says:

    Healer classes in EQ2 are not very unique. Inquisitors have the same main heals as the templar. All 6 healing classes get those, designed for their class (ie: Warden get heal over times, shaman get wards, clerics get reactives). That is one single target reactive, two single target heals (one larger then the other) two group heals (one reactive, one direct). However, the inquisitor’s main ‘class defining’ spell stuns them, which means they are unable to heal. Not sure if there’s an aa to remove the stun portion or not, I’ve not played one since level 70 when I betrayed my templar.

    Wardens and fury get the same base heals. Mystic and Defiler get the same base heals. Wardens, Mystics, and Templars have a few more heals on top of those though. Wardens with their ‘spore’ ability, templars with their reactives that trigger upon dps, etc.

    Honestly (and this comes from someone who has played every one of the healer classes in a raid situation) I feel it’s hard to say any one healer is above another when it comes to heals. When it comes to buffs, sure. Clerics have the largest single target direct HP and mitigation buff (both templar and inquis). Druids have the fastest casting heals (and also the smallest direct heals). Shaman have the greatest stat buffs, and fastest cures. Each healer has a grp cure that cures something unique to their archtype. Different healers are wanted for different things.

    Better stop now before I turn this into a novel. I really do enjoy playing my healers, heh.

  3. Odius says:

    How’s the Inquisitor at healing?

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