All I Want For Christmas

Yesterday Ellithia (74 defiler / 64 tailor) headed to The Village of Shin to work on the next crafting mission along with Kasul from Nostalgia. I’ve really enjoyed the amount of experience I get from running these instances, and I figure I’ll use them to get from 50-70 and then do writs (because they rewards a fair amount of guild experience) from 70-80. If I get that far, of course. Both the tailor and the alchemist have been leveling in this method, and next will be the armorer, if I can manage to get her to 50. 

Since I never did the solo crafting quest until a few days after the release of TSO, I didn’t get the 20,500 faction that some others received. After doing the weekly solo quests as well as the group daily quests, I’ve managed to earn enough tokens for a unicorn – finally.

Oh, wait. I still can’t buy one! I’m short 20,000 faction with the far seas crafting division. Blast it! I’m not really fond of grinding faction writs because they don’t reward my guild with any experience, and in 20 more group quests (and a few solo) I’ll have earned the faction I need. So for now the dream of a unicorn mount is put on hold while I work up the faction required. At this rate, I MAY be able to purchase one just in time for Christmas. What’s so exciting about a horse with a horn? Well. It’s just one of those things! I have to have one. 

I also did The Crucible (again) last night. Shadowgeist got his fabled paladin / shadowknight shield to drop which means I won’t be doing it quite as often any more. The shield looks like pure ice, and it’s very nice. I didn’t get anything else from the zone aside from my void shard – but thanks to Kasul and a crafting book he managed to get, I did purchase a new pair of gloves for Arysh (warden). I only own the lesser pair right now and they were not an upgrade to my regular gloves when comparing stats, but they ARE an upgrade when you compare the effects of them. If I get myself a set of three it will be even more of an upgrade. 

I find it interesting that not only do you need void shards to purchase all of these legendary armor sets, jewelery, and misc. items, but you also need void shards to create the fabled raid versions of armor that drops in the four raid zones. Hopefully this means that people will continue to do the instances for quite some time. I’ve still not done any of the Loping Plains instances, nor the ones in Fens, or the ones in The Moors. I also need to (still) get my factions up so I can purchase the crafting books from the three Moors factions. There’s just so much to do, and with Frostfell just around the corner.. Exciting times, that’s for sure!

See you in Norrath!

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