EQ / EQ2 Station Cash FAQ

This is taken directly from the SoE forums, so go if you’re looking for more information, that’s where to find it. 

Station Cash FAQ
What is Station Cash?

Station Cash is Sony Online Entertainment’s new virtual currency that players can buy to fund a virtual wallet. Once a wallet has been funded, Station Cash can be used to purchase premium in-game items through the in-game Marketplace in EverQuest® and EverQuest® II.

What is a wallet?

A wallet is a place for consumers to “keep” Station Cash for purchases now and in the future. When a user purchases Station Cash, the equivalent amount of currency will be placed in the wallet and will be available for in-game purchases. It’s also easy to continually fund without re-entering credit card information time after time because the wallet accesses the current credit card on the player’s account.

How will I fund my wallet with Station Cash?

Players will be able to fund their wallet within the game. Go to the “Main Menu” and click on “Marketplace”. The Marketplace is the destination for in-game item purchases and where you can fund your wallet. Once in the Marketplace, click “Add Funds” and follow the on-screen instructions. There are five denominations from which to choose. The system will automatically verify with your credit card on file.

If you do not have a credit card on file or the existing card cannot be processed, go to https://account.station.sony.com/au…q2&locale=en_US to update your credit card information and then log back into the game.

Occasionally, SOE may gift Station Cash to valued players or as part of promotional efforts. Any gifts of Station Cash will be placed in the player’s wallet.

How do I make item purchases once my wallet has been funded?

Go to “Main Menu” and click on “Marketplace”. From here, players can select from a list of available items and select a quantity for each. A player’s Station Cash balance is also displayed here.

When will Station Cash and the wallet be available?

Station Cash and the wallet are available now in EverQuest and EverQuest II! Log in to check it out!

Is Station Cash refundable?

Station Cash is non-refundable.

Is Station Cash transferable?
Station Cash is non-transferable and currently non-giftable; however, SOE is working on features to allow players to gift Station Cash to other players and friends in the future.

Are there limits as to how much Station Cash I can purchase, and how much Station Cash I can have in my wallet?

Yes. You’ll be notified by our system if you exceed our preset limits.

What if I don’t have a credit card?

SOE is pursuing solutions to sell Station Cash both digitally via e-commerce sites as well as at retail via Station Cash Cards. This is definitely a priority and we hope to have more options available soon because we recognize alternate payment methods are important for our international players, as well as for players who prefer to pay with cash or game cards.

Can I pay for my monthly subscription with Station Cash?

No, at this time, players will not be able to purchase monthly subscription or game time with Station Cash in EverQuest or EverQuest II. Station Cash is limited to in-game items only.

Can I trade the items I purchase with Station Cash?

No, currently the items sold are not tradeable, which helps to reduce and/or prevent fraud.

It sounds as if Station Cash may give some players an unfair advantage.  How is SOE preventing this?

The EQ and EQII development teams have chosen items carefully in an effort to avoid a disruption in gameplay balance. Rather, Station Cash (and items purchased with SC) are intended to allow for convenience and added customization. Such items provide players with a unique gameplay experience for nominal fees. We understand that some players may not choose to purchase items, however, the option is available for all, leaving the choice in each player’s hands.

Does this mean SOE is fundamentally changing the business models of EQ and EQII?

No, this is simply a means to give additional options to our player base.

How much does Station Cash cost?

Currency              USD       AUD       DKK            EUR          GBP     NOK           SEK           CHF                  JPY
100SC =                $1.00     $1.60     Kr 7,00      €1,00       £.80      kr 7,00      10.00 Kr   CHF 1.20        ?100

SOE reserves the right to modify these conversions at its sole discretion at any point in time.

Where can I get more detailed information on Station Cash?

Station Cash is subject to our Terms of Service, linked here, in particular section VII(F) of our Terms of Service.

3 Responses to EQ / EQ2 Station Cash FAQ

  1. Olavf_of_guk says:

    Te exp potions are omens of things to come. IF you think for one minute that these fluff items will generate enough profit to satisfy SOE you are naive. It will just be a matter of time before everything from Armor to weapons to housing, food and drink will be available for purchase. What gets me are the bold faced LIES we were all fed. This time last year Smed told us that there would never be RMT on the live servers. This is RMT Smed, you are a liar….

  2. stargrace says:

    The aa potions are the only ones that irk me. I don’t mind appearance armor. Don’t mind fluffy pets. I do mind aa potions. Especially on PvP servers where these TSO aa’s make a huge difference in gameplay and are a very large grind.

  3. rao says:

    Not something I will use personally, but after reading up on it, I don’t personally see anything game breaking. The armor, for example, seems to just be appearance armor. The exp potions actually seem to the the only things that aren’t just fluff items.

    What will tick me off, however, is if they start spamming us with advertisements for this like they already do with LoN.

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