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Alright, now that I’ve settled some, and thought a little bit, here are my opinions about station cash (also known as SC). First of all, I didn’t even know it was being implemented though I’m sure many assumed it would be. It’s too big of a market not to be added to whatever games can. 

I have no issues with games selling cute little outfits, fluff pets, and those types of things. I can think of lots of games that already do that. Granted, most of those don’t also have a monthly subscription, but oh well.

I had an issue when LoN started giving out potions, even though there was no guarantee that you were going to get one (making you perhaps spend even more money). I had no issues with any of the house items, the fluff armor, or the pets, but I thought this was a slippery slope and would lead to more ‘game changing’ items even if it only changed the game SLIGHTLY. 

So the only issue I really have with the items implemented to date, are the potions. Specifically the achievement boosting potion and also the affect this will have on PvP servers. TSO aa are hard to come by. The grind from 140 to 200 is something that almost everyone complains about. Those who have been playing EQ2 for quite some time have already done the quests out there, and already gained all of the aa from them that they can. The new expansion gives enough aa from quests for approximately 20 of the 60 new aa, if you’re already at 140. The more aa you gain, the slower you get experience.

The aa that are in this ‘shadow’ line are also quite amazing. You need 140 placed in your ‘main’ lines before you can purchase the 4th row, the *really nice* stuff. Anyhow, this wasn’t meant to be an aa lesson, where was I. 

Ah yes. The new SC basically just lets you purchas the LoN item that you’d try to get via boosters in the past. Another concern is that there is ALWAYS a slippery slope when it comes to these sorts of deals. How long is it going to be before you MUST HAVE 200aa before applying to a guild, and there for you’re almost required to purchase these potions in order to catch up. 

How long will it be before new players to the game feel like they’re being left behind in a 5 year old game, and purchase these (since they have no veteran rewards to claim) to catch up to the masses at level 80. Or even that person who’s got limited time to play who decides to level themselves via potions. 

I don’t like the idea that the time I put into actually playing the game can be easily bypassed by someone who had a bunch of cash to blow. I know that brings into argument from people who just don’t have that sort of time to devote to a video game, and pay the same monthly fees as me there for deserve to experience the same things I do, but that’s not how I think. I work really hard to get my characters to 80, 200aa, and being able to purchase your way up the levels just seems to make my own characters worthless. 

People can say all they want ‘it doesn’t affect the game that much‘ but it does affect the game. Where do you draw the line? Well, we already have experience boosting potions, so lets allow players who have 5 characters over level 80 automatically start at level 80 if they purchase this potion from the store. Lets allow players who already have one of their mythical epic weapons to purchase it from a vendor for real life coin. It’s so easy to just push that line a little further and a little further. 

There are already lots of games out there that incorporate stores into their gaming where you can buy virtual items for real time money and they’re ‘free’ to play. Why are we suddenly paying $14.99 a month for one.

Also, this’ll be the last post I have about this for a while, unless more ‘game changing’ items are added, or something directly relating to it happens. There’s nothing we (as players) can do about it, that’s already been determined. NOT because we’re not listened to, we are, but because we as players are quite content to just sit back and see what happens, and before too long, it’s too late. I just had to get it out of my system. Back to playing games.

7 Responses to Station Cash – Opinions

  1. Openedge1 says:

    Flabbergasted is all I can say. 15 a month is not enough. Why keep running the games with no players if they need cash.

    MxO, Vanguard, Planetfall, SWG.
    Get rid of the fluff if you need money.

    Don’t attack your player base and feed on their insecurities.

    A game officially off my list next to LOTRO and Vanguard…wowsers, this is just bad.

  2. stargrace says:

    “I just think it would have been better to do this in a NEW game designed from the bottom up around microtransactions.”

    And that’s what Free Realms should have been for.
    Instead EQ and EQ2 get to be its guinea pig.

  3. Mythokia says:

    I also do think they way SOE is proliferating XP potions into the game crosses a line. Is there any difference from someone who buys a whole bunch of XP potions to rapidly climb up the levels all the way to 80 any different from one who simply purchases powerleveling from one of those gold farming companies?

    I do think they would continue down the slippery slope in future though. After all, it is in their interest, and really, how many people would terminate their accounts as a result despite all the outcry I’ve seen thus far? Insignificantly few.

  4. Pete S says:

    Hmm, I don’t like this at all. I feel like they’re “double dipping” into my wallet, asking me to both pay a monthly fee AND (potentially) buy items.

    And here’s what I fear about the “Fluff” items. How many more free fluff items are going to be added now that they can just charge for them? I’m guessing the number will be somewhere around zero. Why go to the cost of creating a fluff item and quests designed around them that players have to complete in order to earn the item, when instead you can design a fluff item, slap a price tag on it and fill the bank account?

    No good will come of this. I urge people NOT to buy from this system. Buying fluff just sends a message that you’ll keep buying fluff rather than questing for it.

  5. Danshir says:

    A very intelligent business move…or a horrid one…

    Lets watch and find out =)

  6. Lars says:

    The only thing that bothers me is the potions too, but not much. The main thing that bothers me is the slippery slope. OK, we’re all taught that that is a logical fallacy, but the conclusion is quite often true.

    When EQ2 first came out people complained about the baby dragon house pet that was exclusive to certain versions. They called that RMT. People complained about exclusives in EQ expansion packs too. But people got over it. It was just a house pet and nothing game breaking. Now they offer armored bears that are faster than what I can afford to buy in game; but I can get it with real money (if I can actually find a place that has an EQ2 box for sale…)!

    When LoN first came out, Smed said this was not a slippery slope towards selling items directly to players. Well, that’s what we’re doing now.

    When LoN first came out, it was mostly house paintings and things like that. Now you can get the house too.

    So, over time, the definition of “fluff item” seems to have become somewhat broad. Its not quite “over the line” for me yet, but we’re getting awfully close to it.

    That being said, as long as Sony manages the items very carefully, this could be a very smart move. I know I’ll probably end up buying appearance armor to dress up my toons (and I’m not even a girl…), so I can imagine there can be a lot of business made here.

    I just think it would have been better to do this in a NEW game designed from the bottom up around microtransactions.

  7. Ogrebears says:

    Well when i first heard this i thought you could buy plat and stuff and i was pissed. But ya now that i know it fluff stuff i am not as mad..

    BUT ya i agree with you on this.

    Players can do something about it, if enough people bitch or quit the game thing will change. The problem is not enought people feel that way to do it. I don’t like that change.. but it not enought to make me change the game.

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