Void Shard Purchases

I didn’t get a chance to play all that much yesterday, too busy working on some smaller projects, and being cranky. Today is a new day though and that’s great. What I did do yesterday, was the daily double of Evernight Abbey on all three of my level 80’s in less then 30 minutes. Wait, how is that possible? Well, every so often the daily double requires nothing more then clicking something inside of a zone (and of course having the quest on you). So after the zone was clear, I was able to bring my two level 80’s in to get the update as well. 

This is how Goudia (my level 80 dirge) managed to get 4 shards and has never set foot into a TSO instance. There are quite a few quests that let you just click updates within a zone, you can hear people looking to purchase entry into a cleared zone so that they can get shard updates. There’s no way I’d actually pay to get my void shard updates, but it was nice to use a cleared instance. So that left me with 4 shards on Goudia, 6 shards on Silhouette (the coercer), and 7 shards on Arysh. Arysh is saving up for the greater void shard gloves, since I just purchased the lesser ones yesterday. It’s 16 void shards I believe from the merchant, which means slightly cheaper from a crafter. The gloves (as I mentioned yesterday) were a slight upgrade but had a nice effect. 

The dirge purchased some gloves as well, which were an enormous upgrade for her. The gloves pictured to the right hand side are the lesser version. I absolutely love the effect on these gloves and of course for a bard they come with all of the important stats. 

The pretties didn’t end there though, no way. I also ended up purchasing the coercer pants for Silhouette, which were a very nice upgrade and quite cheap. It’s nice to be able to get gear upgrades from merchants even though I was leery at first thinking perhaps people would stop doing the instances. Granted the expansion hasn’t been out quite a month yet, but I hope the popularity stays for a bit. 

I headed to Jarsath Wastes with Kasul for a little while before dinner to work on some quests with Stargrace, who is currently 80% of the way into level 78. It’s amusing to me that the character I use as my ‘online persona’ for pretty much every site and forum these days is one of my lowest level characters. At the time that I created this site Stargrace was my ‘main’ and it just sort of stuck. I was contemplating doing some collections to get her the last 20% she needs to ding, but decided against it after I looked at the prices. 

Today I have an article to finish up on Darkfall and then hopefully I’ll get a little more time to play. I’m stuck between leveling my paladin (45), my brigand (49), my warlock (27) or my bruiser (53). Ah, the joy of alts.

3 Responses to Void Shard Purchases

  1. Kilanna says:

    Glad today is a better day girl.

    Now I have my Pally girl at quite high level, I sometimes find myself stuck between healing goodness on Killy and smacky goodness on Nanytya – Not to mention the crafters :p

  2. stargrace says:

    All the good ones are always taken. :)

  3. Odius says:

    I don’t think I’ve had a character named Odius since UO. It’s always taken…

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