Frostfell Festivities – PartII

One of my favorite rewards from quests this year are of course the hanging Frostfell ornaments, the balls and the snowflakes. I was so impressed with the quests this year, and had so much fun working through them. Having new rewards was just the icing on the cake so to speak. 

The old quests are still there, like the one where you have to go to Frostfell past, present, and future. The puzzles are solved the same was as they used to be as well. This is fantastic for new players who may not have gotten to experience those quests, and for alts, of course. 

There’s also a quest that sends you off to Steamfont that I haven’t completed yet but I believe it was in game last year as well. Given by the fae in the Frostfell Wonderland standing by the massive (this year ice covered) tree. 

Another quest you can get before you even enter the zone, this one was new to me at least. It sends you to speak to any of the gigglegibbers out in Norrath (I spoke to the one inside the Frostfell instance) and then you’re off to enchanted lands to enter the instance under the dock.

I’d never done the quest before, and it was a LOT of fun. My only issue was that it seemed to be really particular about where I stood in order to bang on the drums (all day!) with my wooden spoon. After maneuvering myself around the little island of drums to the side, it finally updated even though I’m pretty sure I got every note wrong. 

You can also do quests for Frostfell trees again in your respective home city – although there are two new trees. One is snow flocked and to do it you’re hunting down shiny in Qeynos. The other I did in Neriak, which rewards you with a DEAD Christmas tree, much like Charlie Browns

If all of that was not enough, of course the winter wonderland is covered in harvestable presents for players, and there are new items to be crafted! Things like Frostfell hams, new stockings, presents, new candy shaped wall ornaments – and speaking of house items how about those new picture frame cards! I love them. SO much better then passing out books to everyone. 

There’s certainly a lot to see and do, and I’m really pleased at how well it all came out. A huge thank you and congratulations to the team who worked on this.

2 Responses to Frostfell Festivities – PartII

  1. Malfi says:

    I LOVE the new ornaments. Jewelers can craft the snowflakes and I went overboard stocking up. I’ve got eight of each of them. ;-) The Gigglegibber/Grumpus quest is an old one, but still a lot of fun! Did you know the candy wall ornaments can be turned into actual bucklers too? I thought that was really cool! I’m going to run around on my half elf bard wielding those and wearing a “snappy” outfit to do all the Frostfell quests. Oh, AND I got two bags of coal yesterday. I can’t wait to run through gift pickup today. If the internet ever comes back…

  2. Pete S says:

    I did the Steamfont one, which was double fun for me because I’d never been to Steamfont!! Reward was either a cap or a cloak that looked like a present. :)

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