That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

The over all feeling I got yesterday was all warm and fuzzy. It was a good day, both in game and out. I didn’t do anything particular to note, but it was still a great day none the less. I headed out and managed to start (and finish) my Christmas shopping which of course is a big weight off of my shoulders. With the buses still on strike the roads were busy, but it’s just going to get worse before it gets better, so I’m glad I’m done. 

Before I spent most of the day shopping, I headed back to the ‘secret’ keep in the Frostfell Wonderland, with Kasul and Shadowgeist. While there we ran through the zone three times (four?) in order for everyone to complete their quests. Kasul’s bugged the first time in, it seems that if you click the rock before you speak to the goblin the quest will not update after that, no matter if you start in a new zone and do it properly or not. So he had to delete his quest and try it from the start. I did get a LOT of tokens though, and some fantastic house items.

One small point of interest. The vendors in the Frostfell instance sell one charm item that is better then any of the charm items you can get (without raiding) in game. It has +3 spell crit on it (for the caster one) along with a bunch of stats, and 100 power (or is it health? either way). I bought it for Stargrace and I’ll have to run my other characters through I think and pick up the charm for them as well because it’s so amazing. There is a melee version too, so if you haven’t checked out those vendors, be sure to.

Made some chocolate chip pancakes and then it was off for a while, when I got back there was a group of level 80’s from Siege who wanted to mentor down for some aa. Lucky for me I have had a lot of lower level characters. I started with logging in a level 28 warlock of mine, planning to hit Stormhold. However we decided to start even lower then that. 

The group consisted of me as my level 5 berserker (Sharatan), a shadowknight, dirge, illusionist, ranger, and I want to say assassin. We headed to wailing caverns where the mobs at the entrance were level 12 (and very red) and with a group of level 80’s mentoring, mythical geared.. well. Lets just say that two hours later I was level 30. 

We wiped out Wailing Caverns, Fallen Gate (along with the instance in fallen gate), the named in Commonlands, and then did the sewer instance in Fallen Gate (along with the quests), and headed to Antonica to do the sewer instance there as well. Lucky us, the epicx2 dragon was up in Antonica as well, and dropped a fabled dagger. I’ve never killed that one before. I can only imagine how much faster I’d have leveled if the berzerker was on my ‘main’ account that gets the experience bonus for having max level characters. As it is she is on my second account with no bonus. 

I had a lot of fun, even though now I’m level 30 in poor gear with even poorer skills and I couldn’t taunt if my life depended on it. I’ll have to spend some time working those skills up. I figure I’ll hit 32 and then be able to outfit myself in some crafter made gear. If I ever play her again at least. So many alts!

I made the rounds with all of my characters visiting the gift giver in Frostfell. Stargrace is 30% into level 79, and I’m wondering if 80 will be a goal this weekend. I have to address and send out a bunch of Christmas cards (I know, I’m a slacker) as well as some gifts, and put up and decorate the tree. I’ll be at my parents place for Christmas, and I’m sure Princess (my cat of course) will enjoy chewing all of the candy canes off while I’m away. 

See you in Norrath!

2 Responses to That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

  1. Kilanna says:

    Sounds like fun!!! I have not even looked at anything frostfell with Killy yet…… Better get down to it!

  2. Danshir says:

    Man, the stuff in EQ2 Frostfell is a lot neater then EQ1s….


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