Baby it’s Cold Outside

I didn’t play very much yesterday, but when I did play (aside from a brief session in Ruins of Varsoon helping Gnewton level up his monk) I headed over to Frostfell. The gear sold by Gerbi Frostfoot was a huge upgrade for a number of my characters (ones lower level where I haven’t particularly paid attention to their gear). It scales up every tier, so there’s gear at 22,32,42, etc. My paladin was level 50 and bought all of the level 52 gear. Legendary and – wait.. why does she have snow flakes stuck THERE?

Anyhow. The paladin managed to get from 50-52 while doing the quests to get tokens for that armor. I bought her a full set (which dropped her saves vs. heat down to 0 but oh well) as well as a sword. Ideally I’d like to get the shield and the bow too, but I’m not sure I can handle doing that quest any more. I ran it a LOT yesterday. It’s nice to see my paladin in real gear though.

After the paladin had her turn, I took the swashbuckler for a few runs and bought her the chain bp, legs, and shoulders. Ideally I’d go after the full set the dagger and bow as well, but again that’s a LOT of frostfell runs. Swashbuckler went from 52-53 after running the instance twice. I love the experience given in these instances, though I have a nagging feeling that these may be ‘adjusted’ in the future. The quests are rewarding 7% aa each time you run the zone which takes roughly 10 minutes or so. 7% every 10 minutes is pretty hard to beat. 


Then it was time for the berserker who hit level 35. This is the one who went from 5-30 on Saturday with the level 80 mentor group. She’s got no gear at all so I’ll probably focus my efforts on getting her some, though I’m torn between getting her the level 32 gear or just leveling her to 40 and wear the new tier of gear. We’ll see!

The tailor and alchemist both hit 65, five more levels and I’ll go back to grinding writs for the final push to 80. That’ll be 7/9 of my crafters at level 80. The armorer is still stuck at level 41, one of these days I’ll have to just get her to 50 so I can do the crafting instances. I don’t plan on leveling up a weaponsmith, but I may level up multiple other crafters on my 2nd account, so that I have crafters on each. I haven’t really decided quite yet. 

I’m creeping up on my 1,000th post (10 posts from now I believe) and I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve also posted every single day for the last three months, which was one of my ‘goals’. Everyone is getting ready for the holidays and I’m excited to see it.

5 Responses to Baby it’s Cold Outside

  1. stargrace says:

    Oh, forgot to answer Tipa, woops. It takes me about 10 minutes now for an icy keep run. The experience and loot is zone wide, so I just park the lowbie at the entrance and take the mentored SK with run speed through everything.

  2. Kilanna says:

    Well I finally started Frostfell last night – but gave up while trying to solo the second quest :p

    Makes me keen to try two boxing hehe.

  3. Lars says:

    Woo hoo! 1000! Time to break out the champagne!

  4. Pete S says:

    “She’s got no gear at all so I’ll probably focus my efforts on getting her some, though I’m torn between getting her the level 32 gear or just leveling her to 40 and wear the new tier of gear. We’ll see!”

    I’m thinking along those lines for my one Berserker, who is 45 or 46? So many levels in a weekend that I lost count!! I bought 2 pieces but I’m thinking I could run the instance to level up, saving my tokens, then get a set of the 50 stuff.

    Congrats on almost 1000 posts! I’m sorry I missed so many of them (ever late to the party, am I)!

  5. Tipa says:

    Pre-grats on post 1000! I hit that last week :P Makes me feel obsessed….

    How long does it take you to do a Icy Keep run now?

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