Gone Fishing – In Telon

I spent the afternoon fishing in Telon (Tanvu to be specific) and quickly lost track of time. Hanging on the wall behind Faydai is her very first Kelp Bass, which I was able to mount to my wall in my home. How awesome! I figured fishing out a little better this time compared to when I was playing on test. I now know that when the ‘hit a combo’ button comes up you have to hit four key combinations before the fish moves again. I also learned I’m not good at learning their ‘moves’ or doing combos. Fish have levels and you have to work down their hit points by following their moves. If they do combos that you can’t counter they win and they’ll eventually get away. Watching them at max health as you try to mash buttons is frustrating but when you finally land one, it’s great. 

Leveling up is slow. I spent a few hours fishing and only reached a skill of 5. Whether that’s because I just suck, or because I need to be fishing some place else I’m not quite sure. 

It was a LOT of fun though. I also ran around Telon grabbing Christmas presents for house decorations. My lonely tree has had no gifts under it for far too long. 

Next on my list? Well I have to build a boat of course, so I can take friends fishing with me out on the open water. I’m excited about it, not to mention the fact that carpenters make some pretty nice house items, and my home has looked quite bare for the past two years. 

Randolph is back as well, I dug mine out from the bank and took a brief flight over Tanvu before I settled in for some fishing. 

Doesn’t that lookbetter?!

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  1. Kasul says:

    Having mounted fish in Vanguard makes me want to get a home for myself! :) Of course, it will be a while before I’ll be able to afford one.

    The tree looks great!

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