Stargrace Dings Level 80 (finally)

I finished the bards betrayal back over to Troubador, made all of the skills she’d need in adept3 (that’ll have to do for now) and then felt a slight ‘ping’ some where that I had not yet gotten Stargrace to level 80. Stargrace was my ‘main’ a few years ago when I was in a raid guild called Torrent Knights, on the Lucan D’Lere server. I don’t recall if she was actually called Stargrace at the time, I don’t believe so. Since I’ve moved servers a few times I’ve had her name changed (and the wardens, and the templars, and the defilers). I remember doing EoF raids with her, Inner sanctum and Freethinkers Hideout. I was so excited, and I was parsing really well (for that expansion). 

When I move to Antonia Bayle and joined Arsenal I switched to my bard. Then eventually switched to my warden, and then just after dipping my toes into RoK raids (T1-T2) I stopped raiding all together and moved to Najena. It was just too much drama, too much time to devote to it. Stargrace became a much neglected character, sitting on the back burner while I played other alts and crafters. She’s been an 80 provisioner for months now, being one of the easiest skills to level up. She’s had a wonderful 5-room home in Qeynos that hasn’t been re-decorated for two years now and basically is a giant sized dust collector. 

I’ve been at 40% experience for a few weeks now, having no wish to grind out that final 60% doing quests that I’ve already done on a number of characters. Looking at the best plan of action, I decided to work on Jarsath Waste quests, the repeatables. They give roughly 10% when you turn in each round. Shadowgeist came along after raids, I was 80% into my level and he suggested we head to the Moors because the quests there were very quick and easy to do. 

Finally, I dinged the illusionist level 80. Woohoo!

So what’s the big deal? Well, number one she’s the 4th character I have to reach level 80, so that gives me a 40% bonus experience on my account for adventuring. It also means she can work on getting void shards, and get into instances with groups easier. She had every M1 from 70-80 but I’ll have to make those all into adept3 because even though the damage may be greater, so are the resists from the previous tiers masters. I bought 30 tynnonium cluster last night and I’ll set my sage to work today. 

Ok so it’s not THAT big of a deal that I reached level 80. It means I have a 5th epic to obtain (I have warden, coercer, dirge, troubador epics) and it also means that if I really wanted I could start working on getting the templar to 80, she’s been sitting at level 77 for months now. That’s even more painful then leveling up the illusionist though. 

I’ve been spending a lot (and I do mean a lot) of time thinking about what to do in regards to raiding. Do I want to join a hardcore guild, or do I want to start from the ground up. WHO do I want to raid with (which is the most difficult question of all). People typically respond with a “play whatever is fun for you” but what if all of your characters are equally fun, or if you’re simply used to bouncing around to alts over and over. It’s been years since I’ve settled on a ‘main’. 

Anyhow, I’m happy to have finally reached 80 with another character. I’ve had doppelganger (the level 80 illusi spell) for almost a year now, waiting in my bags to scribe. I also got to put on a few new pieces of gear. Can’t get any better then that really!

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  1. Hudson says:

    “I’ve been spending a lot (and I do mean a lot) of time thinking about what to do in regards to raiding.”

    Welcome to my world. I really should focus and get to 80 on one character but I just can’t

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