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I don’t typically post the notes unless it’s a Game Update (big major patches) but there’s some nice fixes going in today, so I figured I may as well (that, and I’m waiting for DOMO to finish patching).

EverQuest 2As a special gift from the developers to you..

The master scroll drop rate in Desert of Flames has been increased to more closely match those of the rest of the game.

The twin dragons in the Pedestal of Sky now drop 3 pieces of fabled armor.

Godking Anuk now drops 3 pieces of fabled armor.

When clearing a filter your last scroll location will be restored.

Collections can be sorted by:
Ready to turn in status (Default)
Progress – sorts by the number of items needed to complete the collection, starting with the smallest number needed. (Does not including ready/completed collections)

The harvest supply depot can now hold up to 150 unique harvestables.

The max player / detrimental spell effect icons has been increased from 30 to 45.

The player house window will now display the address of the house below the house name.
Your full house address and location will be shown on the Details tab of the Persona window.
Players who currently own a house will need to enter then exit their house before the data will appear.

Also included in this update..


Many of the deity avatars have enhanced damage abilities, and will grow stronger during long fights.

The Pythoness should no longer cast a de-level, and players should be able to obtain Clan Leader powers if they return to a saved instance.

Void Shard and Far Seas Trading Company Tokens are now No Value to prevent accidentally selling them to merchants.

When you /camp to a specific character the client will choose the character on the existing world if that character name exists.  (Thank you Blackburrow.Rheem for the feedback!)

The guild bank transaction limit has been modified so you no longer become throttled for an hour.


Swapped the 3 and 5 piece bonuses on the Dauntless void shard set back to their original places.

Raid Armor Sets have been altered to better match progression from Veeshans Peak raid sets. Several of the effects on leggings have been improved.


Empowered Essence now enhances Combat Arts granted by achievements.

Displacement and Disruption will no longer refresh themselves while their stoneskins are still in effect.


Fixed a bug where all collections would not be sent down to the client if the client returned from being linkdead before the server unloaded their character.

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