The Search Continues

Hopefully Sabaki doesn’t mind me posting this here, but anyhow as you can tell from the screen shot on the right, I got a response about looking for a raid guild. I’d love to take them up on the offer, but there’s no way I could handle raiding at 3am my time (EST). Which is one of the down sides to Najena (but not really). I could handle raiding during the day time, or early morning, but 3am is a bit much. Najena is a heavy EU and Aussie populated server, which means during the day there are LOTS of people around and I really enjoy that. 

It was nice to at least get a response. Because I’m not 100% sure what I want out of a raid guild yet, nor what character to play I have not been dedicating myself to it. Instead I just have a brief little ‘looking for raids’ type of blurb in the description of my level 80’s, so that those who are examining me (and lets face it, everyone examines everyone else in EQ2 to check out what they’re wearing and how you stack up!) will at least know that I am interested. 

I realize that I’ll never find a guild when I don’t know who I want to play or how often I want to raid and that I’m going about this backwards. I figure there is no real point in settling down and searching until after the holidays, when people are not all off at Christmas parties and doing the family thing. This also gives me a little more time to reach 80 on the defiler and templar and perhaps narrow down the search of who to play a little more. I’ve always loved the defiler, but she’s been behind in levels, and that’s a huge incentive NOT to play her. Grinding RoK AGAIN is a slow and exceptionally painful process, especially with a healer. Thankfully I have a level 80 sage and jeweler, I can honestly say that all of my ‘end game’ characters have adept3’s of all of their spells, something I really take pride in. 

This weekend is filled with lots of Christmas action going on, but of course I’ll sneak in a little play time early morning (it’s 6am as I write this) and I should be back safe and sound at home later tonight. Tomorrow Ottawa is getting blasted with yet another snow storm, so I’m determined to get everything done today that needs to be done. Wednesday I’ll be heading to my folks place (when we are due for, you guessed it, ANOTHER snow storm). We still have another 5 months of this, it’s going to be a long winter.

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