DING! Nostalgia hits 35

Yesterday Nostalgia hit level 35! I’m so exceptionally proud of Ecor and Kasul who have been working really hard to get us those levels. It was an important milestone, though it may not seem like it. First, it’s one step closer to 40, which brings us extra bank space, and it also allowed us to purchase two more guildhall amenities! They were expensive, but worth it. I’ve donated close to 300p towards the hall, and millions of status. Of course once we hit level 35 it was time to decide what we wanted our two amenity to be!

There’s the harvesting depot that the guild could really make use of, as a central location for craft supplies, as well as the hirelings that will go out and harvest for you. That was pretty high up on my list of things to purchase, but I think we’ll try to get some of that around level 40. So instead, we purchased (finally) a broker, and a hireling who we can sell looted items to – including all of those status items we gain from mobs. That means no more running around everywhere trying to find the proper merchant to sell to (or in my case, no need to head to Maj’Dul to use the faction instances to sell to since the merchants there also accept everything). 

Our total amenities include: Druid porter (since we can’t afford to purchase all of those bells, the druid porters are great to get around Norrath), banker, broker, rush order writs, fuel merchant, and junk buying merchant. Since we are so small, and such a low level, we really had to be careful about where to spend the two extra items. They each cost 10p and 1,000,000 status. Kasul and I donated some more plat towards the escrow, and we still have 13 million status in there, so that should do for a while more. 

Eyenstein and Albrta asked if Shadowgeist, Kasul and I wanted to do a few of the vampire instances in Nektulos forest for some aa. Of course we agreed, and it was a lot of fun, I gained 1.5aa with Arysh, and I also had the quest to receive vampire smite on me, I finally completed the chain of quests from the encampment by the waterfalls. I’ve only had that quest on me forever. 

Kasul was also gracious enough to let Shadowgeist and I into his empty Crucible instance and The Deep Forge so that we could get the void shard updates (clickies) and earn some shards. Since Crucible was the daily double, we managed to get five shards without having to actually do the instances. I’m saving up to upgrade the shoes, gloves, and shoulders I have – which means I’ll be saving for a while, I need about 60 shards. Ugh. 

Since I’ve decided (for now) to settle on Arysh as far as ‘mains’ go, things have been going really well. It’s easy for me to log her in and decide what I need to do. This week hopefully I’ll be getting both my tailor and alchemist to level 70, which means then it’s just a hop skip and jump with writs to level 80. 

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend, I’m happy that the holidays are winding down a little bit.

6 Responses to DING! Nostalgia hits 35

  1. Kilanna says:

    Well done guys!!

    Having all those guild amenities does sometimes feel like cheating it is sooooo great.

    Good luck on your continued leveling.

  2. Kasul says:

    Having a broker and a place to sell in the guild hall is sooo convenient, what a great idea. It’s really nice to have one merchant who takes all four status items too! It’s the little things that really make life easier.

    Level 40 by Feb 1st! :D

  3. stargrace says:

    Not too many fears of that any more, everything is in easy distance from one another with the new revamped “bells” that adorn the docks. The druid portals and wizard spires and all that goodie is nice for those who can afford it, but traveling around Norrath isn’t what it used to be.

  4. Hm, I didn’t know that guilds could hire NPC’s to handle teleporting and similar needs. I’ve been considering starting up an EQ2 account for a bit now, and I was really focusing my “what character should I play” research on picking a character that can teleport since I hate sitting AFK watching my charatcers travel places so much. I’m still somewhat Fury-inclined, but it’s nice to know that I won’t be entirely out of luck on travel time if I want to play something else.

  5. Danshir says:

    Grats on the guild level!

  6. Pete S says:

    We have that harvesting depot thing and it’s really convenient. Everyone just dumps all their non-rares into it and pretty soon you never really have to worry about ‘leveling materials’, and no using up shared bank space to shuffle craft materials between alts. I didn’t know you could get hirelings to go harvesting!

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