Quiet Sunday Fun

It was a quiet Sunday, and those are rare. The paladin is now sitting at level 68, she was big enough to start the Kylong Plains quests – but not quite big enough to solo them, especially since she’s missing gear. Lots of gear. I didn’t want to bother getting her any until she hits 72, and then she can wear incarnadine. Grouping with level 80’s isn’t a problem any more, and in the morning I headed to Halls of Fate in Bonemire for a quick run. The group consisted of myself playing both paladin and templar, the trusty Shadowknight, a Conjuror, Assassin, and Dirge. The zone was fun, and fast. We all mentored down even though after a few people mentored everything was green anyhow. Nothing of any note dropped, I was hoping since the aa in the nest was apparently re-set that so would the aa in other zones. Wasn’t so, ah well. 

Goals? Getting the paladin to 72 so I can get her into some proper gear, spending 100p on some loams so I can get her some skills – and finding an alchemist to make those skills. My own is sitting at 65 currently. Though she does have full vitality and 5 other level 80 crafters on the account, so technically speaking I could inch her closer to 70 if I tried. 

Still looking for a raid guild too. Or I just need to meet a few tanks or some static groups. Slow process, but I know it takes time. You have to actually be around and in game longer then 10 minutes if you expect to get a group or make new friends. Since I’m constantly flip flopping from character to character, it can be frustrating. Nostalgia is well on their way to level 36, which is one level closer to 40, which is one level closer to new bank slots, and two more amenity. Really looking forward to that!

Other then that, just a lot of real life post-holiday clean up.

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  1. kuzab says:

    i just love your blogs on EQ2 and i look foward to read them every day. Keep up the good work,

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