Pool Tables, Crafting, and Antonia Bayle

Yesterday was pretty fun, the paladin reached level 70 which was a fantastic goal. I took her to Palace of the Awakened which is all but forgotten now with all of the new content. There wasn’t another person to be found. Boxing, I took down the two dragons in each of the wings, who of course dropped nothing but treasured for me. Ah well. After that I headed to Vaults, which is an instance on the Isle of Awakening, lots of spell casters in that zone. 

Nothing of note dropped except maybe the fury class hat which has a pretty cool graphic. Of course if you manage to snag one of the ‘box of utterly classless hats’ you don’t even need to be a fury to have an item with the same graphic. Since I don’t have any fury, I put it for sale. I would have liked the paladin hat, but I remember them being quite ugly, and I’m sure I can do without.

Two more levels and I can finally start outfitting the paladin. I need to get my alchemist some levels, goal for later today perhaps. I figure since I have crafters on both accounts, I can box the instances and even if one character is just sitting inside of the zone, that’s faction and a shard for them. I know the quests for TSO shards have been changed so that you can’t let people into an empty zone any more for clickie updates (or at least this is what I’ve heard through the grape vine, I haven’t tested it myself yet) which makes sense. There are a handful of quests that require no killing at all, so after an instance was cleared you used to be able to just wander in and grab it yourself. 

I built a pool table for a friend, their house is a work in progress. They wanted something ‘modern’ looking. The screen shot is a view from the back of the house, there’s a TV off in the distance with a couch, some gaming tables and of course the pool table. VERY much a work in progress though. 

Afterwards I decided to work on the TSO signature line with Petites (78 templar) in the hopes of getting her a little experience. The quest starts on the docks in both Qeynos Harbor (goodies) and East Freeport (evil aligned) and sends you to speak with either Antonia Bayle, or Lucan D’Lere. Of course in the screen shot Petites took the time for a photograph with the queen herself who looks less then amused with the whole situation. 

Halflings rock.

I didn’t get too far in the series because I realized I had yet to complete the crafting introduction quests, even though Petites has been an 80 jeweler for quite some time, a unicorn mount may not be out of the question. Eventually (some day) I have hopes of completing enough faction required to actually purchase all of the items on the merchants. We’ll just have to see how that goes though. 

All in all it was a fairly good day. I have been having fun watching everyone else give their predictions for 2009, while I myself am not really one to make those types of lists, they always interest me. 

Nostalgia is half way through 35, and creeping towards 36 at a fairly steady pace. Hopefully once my two crafters hit 70 the status they get from their writs will help move us a little further. I planned on using up all of my potions before 70, so the experience would slow down so that I can earn more faction and status. We’ll see how that works out (if it works out). I hope everyone is having an amazing week no matter what game they’re playing. 

A huge hug and shout out to anyone reading this by the way. To those who have contacted me over the years and who have given me opportunities I have only dreamed of, my thanks. You all have no idea how much it makes me smile to hear about your own adventures. Sorry for the sentimental round there. I renewed my site yesterday for another year, after contemplating ending it and moving on to a new project. So much work has gone into it and I truly do enjoy writing, even if I’m not one of the ‘big names’ like others I read. 

Safe travels, see you in Norrath!

4 Responses to Pool Tables, Crafting, and Antonia Bayle

  1. Elladron says:

    Add my thanks for renewing your site, I’ve only just discovered you in the last few weeks and would hate to see you stop!
    I never noticed the scowl on Antonia’s face, guess I was looking elsewhere…at the orrery, yea, that’s the ticket…

  2. Kilanna says:

    Congrats on 70 Pally for your girl!!

    I am SOOO glad you renewed your site too. I love reading about your thaughts and adventures in Norrath and would miss them too.

  3. Pete S says:

    I’m always very impressed at the ingenuity you house decorator-types (sorry to label you!) show in EQ2!! I always look around at the blank walls then hand the keys to my girlfriend and ask her to decorate for me. :) I can’t think of any other game that’s ever allowed so much customization of housing.

    I’m glad to hear you renewed the site; I’d sure miss your posts if you hadn’t.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Prezzer says:

    That’s a frelling hilarious picture! :D So, she dresses in that +3 Girdle of Male Distraction all the time, eh? Must get cold in the winter…

    Also… very cool pool table. Your talent for this kind of thing is truly amazing!

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